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Audition for “Strongest Island” (student film)
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Long Island
Looking to cast actors for a student film titled “Strongest Island”. THERE IS NO PAY. However, transportation (if necessary) and food will be provided.

SYNOPSIS: This satirical look at Long Island, NY follows the lives of Bernie Bianco and his wife Maria, two native Long Islanders who love Long Island more than anything else. The Bianco’s happily live the lives they’ve always known and loved, until a pair of new neighbors from Cleveland, Ohio threaten their existence as they know it.

GENRE: Satirical Comedy


Bernie Bianco, (30’S) — A muscular, Italian American man. A tough guy. Has a thick Long Island accent (similar to a Brooklyn accent). He’s quite arrogant and ignorant. Very impatient. “It’s his way or the highway” He expresses much pride for Long Island and will do anything to protect and preserve its traditional way of life. Despite his rough exterior, Bernie will sometimes briefly expose a much softer interior. A leader amongst his friends and peers.

Maria Bianco, (30’S) — A ditzy Italian American. Bernie’s wife. Naturally intoxicated. High on life. Very cheerful for the most part. A very devoted housewife. A materialistic woman. Has a very thick Long Island accent. Kind of a show off. Very impatient. An excellent cook. A chatterbox.

Joseph, (20’S) — A young man that has moved to Long Island from Ohio. Midwestern accent. Very polite and accepting. A tad bit naive and trusting. Clueless that what he and his wife does upsets the Long Islanders. Will do just about anything he can to fit in with his new Long island neighbors.

Bethany, (20’S) — A beautiful young woman that has moved to Long Island from Ohio. Midwestern accent. An innocent, old fashioned girl. Very reserved. Enjoys cooking meals. Very courteous. Minds her manners. Unintentionally uses her cute attributes to persuade people.


Audition Dates(By appointment only): Saturday March 10th, Saturday March 17th, Sunday March 18th

Shooting Dates: Friday March 23rd(evening), Saturday March 24th, Sunday March 25th


Director: Brandon Tyrie

Audition Location:West Islip, NY

Shooting Location: West Islip, NY

Contact Email:

Cell Phone #: (631)742-0215

Casting Location: Long Island
Contact email:

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