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location: Los Angeles, CA

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Project Synopsis
An ex-gang member’s new found lifestyle is threatened when someone emerges from his troubled past but will revenge destroy his world or will he find forgiveness?

Project Notes
Graduate Student Project
Compensation: Credit, Fuel. Food. Copy.

Shooting October 25- 28th ( Thursday – Sunday) in Orange County.

Wednesday October 10
Orange, CA
Chapman University, Dodge College
283 North Cypress Street, Orange, CA

Monday October 15
Los Angeles, CA
916 North Formosa Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

This is a multi- themed drama with great interesting characters with layered personalities, backgrounds, and inner conflicts.

Hispanic/ Latino cast. Fluent in Spanish is NOT required but highly encouraged. This is due to some dialogue in the script which will be in Spanish. But the majority will be English.

Male / Lead / Hispanic / 30 – 40
Jaime, is an ex cholo (gang member) who has found a new calling in life by finding a wife who is now pregnant. However, his past is an inner conflict he must deal with in order to move forward and be happy. As a young child he grew up in a single-family home with his mother who had to leave Jaime with babysitters because she worked nights. One of those babysitters molested Jaime and ruined his childhood. The molestation coupled with his mother’s neglect towards him, led him to act out and join a gang at a young age. His violent activity as a gang member landed him in jail multiple times until he finally met Alejandra who turned his life around with love and religion.

Female / Co-Star / Hispanic / 28 – 35
Description Alejandra comes from a strict religious background who also grew up in a single home. Growing up with some violence in her home, her mom looked to her church to guide them. Alejandra is deeply in love with Jaime, but there is a subconscious reason why she originally wanted to date Jaime. There was a small resemblance to her father with Jaime’s violent past, which her subconscious told her that she could try and control. Now, she is pregnant and is Jaime’s anchor. She holds him in place in this new life he has found. She knows how to handle him (for the most part), and is the reason Jaime turned his life around.

Male / Co-Star / Hispanic / 50 – 60
** Please note that this role will take on 2 parts. The role of “Ronaldo” and the role of Jaime’s molester in a flashback (the face will not be shown during the flashback). Ronaldo is a immigrant from Mexico who came to the United States with his family. He was getting too old to work the fields in Zacatecas, Mexico so when his daughter decided to come to the United States he came with her to stay close to them. He likes his tequila and beer and likes to relax and play with his grandchildren. But overall he’s a kindhearted man.

JAIME (young child)
Male / Co-Star / Hispanic / 7 – 10
This is the role of “Jaime” as a young child. Jaime is a very curious and happy child. Despite his mother always leaving to work multiple jobs, Jaime finds ways to use his imagination and entertain himself. Being an only-child he is left with babysitters (mostly family) on regular occasions. One of the regular babysitters turns out to be a child molester that continuously molests young Jaime. These events will then lead older Jaime on the troubled gang life that will throw him in jail.

There is one flashback scene where Jaime is playing with his toys as his babysitter molests him.

We will be implying the molestation with close camera angles, dialogue, and actor blocking. This may include touching of the hands, taking off the child’s jacket (but nothing more), close proximity of the adult actor to the child’s face, playing along with the child and his toys, leading him on sexual innuendos (these may be closeups of the toys and can be shot separately without the child’s presence). Dialogue from the child will also be needed. This includes the child making the adult aware he is not happy by telling him no and that he wants to go home.

A child who can speak fluent in Spanish is preferred but others will still be considered.

Shoot Day: 9 1/2 hour shoot day.
A Studio Teacher will be provided by the production.

Please, feel free to contact us with any questions. We will be happy to work with parents/guardians in the best way we can.

Female / Supporting / Hispanic / 55 – 70
Jaime’s mother who was an immigrant from Mexico at a young age. She came with Jaime’s father who left them to start a family somewhere else. Luz was a single mother who let all her frustrations out on Jaime her oldest child. She has since tried to make up for her bad mothering by supporting Jaime and his recovery. However, she tried to avoid the same mistake with Cesar and instead gave him no discipline. She relies on Church to guide her.

Male / Supporting / Hispanic / 18 – 24
Jaime’s younger brother who is almost following the same path Jaime did as a young gang member. Since their mother neglected Jaime as a young child, she put all her efforts on Cesar. Therefore, he takes full advantage and is not used to discipline. He gloats at his manner of womanizing and making money in illegal ways
Male or Female / Background / Hispanic / 20 – 50
The background actors will be used during the party scene in which the majority of the movie takes place. These are all family and friends of the main characters Jaime and Alejandra (Alex). They could be siblings, uncles, aunts, mothers, grandparents etc.

These roles will have face time on camera and speaking roles (possible improv), as we shoot all the coverage for the party, as well as dialogue with the main characters.Wardrobe Mexican attire. Mexican-American attire. Various depending on age. Younger roles will be more Americanized and not show the traditional mexican attire.

Job type: Other

Casting Location: Los Angeles, CA
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