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Actors Male/Female- AUDITION WED 23rd Glass Menagerie Adpt. PSU Film project
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location: Portland OR

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We are a group of FILM students at PSU and we are making a adaptation of Glass Menagerie. We are looking for 4 actors, this is a cool piece for your portfolio.


When :Wednesday 05/23 from 1pm to 3PM

Location: Portland Community Media at 2766 NE MLK Jr Blvd –

Just come on the date and time.



He is the youngest character in the film. In the script, the Tom and Jim work at an office instead of a factory (modern adaptation). He’s probably in his mid twenties. Given his line of work and hobbies, there’s no reason to think he’s built. He’s a pretty average dude. Personality wise, he’s a hopeless romantic. He’s stuck supporting his family so that forces him to put his dreams on hold. While he does a good job at doing this, Tom’s somewhat depressed and irritable.

Amanda is around her 40’s. She dresses somewhat extravagantly but with an older style in mind. Back in her age when that WAS the current style, she was current and hip. But now she’s outdated and clinging to her past. She is an overly anxious mother. She’s aggressive and invasive, but does this out of feeling helpless. She may have an easy time frustrating people but you can’t hate her for it cause she’s well intentioned. She’s very talkative, extraverted and confident.

The core conflict of the play is that Laura is getting older and running out of time. Laura is OLDER than Tom. She is different which is a nice way to say weird. She’s socially reclusive AKA extremely shy. She has the symptoms of anyone with prevalent social anxiety. So whoever plays her can’t display confidence. She’s the opposite of her mom personality wise and fashion wise. She doesn’t care what she wears. In a modern adaption, this might mean that she’s wearing sweats while hiding from the world to spend time with her Glass Menagerie. The Menagerie represents her in many ways: fragile and different.


Jim is the attractive, confident guy that was really popular in high school. He wasn’t popular in a bad way. He’s a nice dude and everyone likes him, but he needs to be somewhat of a hunk. Laura needs to think that she doesn’t have much of a chance with him. He’s likable by most people in every sense.

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