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By | December 3, 2012

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location: Atlanta,GA

Category: Musicians

Hi my name is Ny’Asia I love music and i want to make a singing group like TLC, The OMG Girlz,and SWV. Im looking for girls ages 14-17 that live in Atlanta that can call in to Group meetings please email application to mindlessbrat@gmail.com also I live in Alabama but will be moving back to Georgia in June 2013 which is when we should be startng You will also need to email and audition video with your application


Date of Birth:



Phone Number where you can be reached & best time to call:

Are you a christian:

Do you have a positive attitude:

Musical Influences:

Whats your favorite girl group or even boy band:

Tell me a little about yourself:

Have you ever had professional vocal training?:

Can you rap:

Do you write music?:

Are you able to choreograph dance routines?:

What is your vocal range?:

Do you have parental permission?:

Will you be able to attend group meetings/rehearsals regularly?:

Thank You! <3 Job type: Casting Location: Atlanta,GA Contact email: mindlessbrat@gmail.com

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