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The Wimberley Players presents…
Sordid Lives by Del Shore
Directed by Aaron Johnson

Auditions: Wednesdays – Sept. 5th and 12th from 7:00pm – 10:00pm.
Callbacks: Thursday Sept. 13th from 7:00pm – 10:00pm.
Where: The Wimberley Players, 450 Old Kyle Rd, Wimberley, TX.
Contact: Scripts & Info: Adam Witko, Executive Producer, 512/632-7638;

Show dates: 4 weekends – opening Fri 11/9, closing Sun 12/2
Performances on Fri/Sat @ 8pm; 2:30 performance on Sun.

Casting: 6 men and 7 women.

Actors are encouraged but not required to prepare a 2 minute monologue from a contemporary comedy for the auditions. Sides from the script will also be available for cold readings. Callbacks will consist entirely of cold readings from the script. Women auditioning for the role of Bitsy Mae Harling should be prepared to sing and accompany themselves on guitar.

Brief Synopsis
When Peggy, a good Christian woman, dies tripping over the detached wooden legs of her best friend’s husband, with whom she was having an affair, three generations of her outlandish family and assorted peculiar friends are brought together to mourn. Peggy’s sister Sissy, is left to manage the many skeletons in the family closet. She must mediate between Peggy’s daughters, the uptight Latrelle and more liberal LaVonda, as well as trying to comfort her neighbor, Noleta whose husband, G.W., was Peggy’s lover. She must also arrange for her nephew, Brother Boy, to be released from the insane asylum where he has been locked up for twenty three years after his best friend Wardell found out that he was gay and assaulted him, and clear the way for Latrelle’s son Ty, who is an actor and is also gay, but has yet to come out to his mother.

Character Descriptions
BITSY MAE HARLING – a guitar playing ex-con and local singer with “a reputation” who was a close friend of Peggy’s.
TY WILLIAMSON – A closeted 20-something gay man who left behind the small Southern Baptist town in Texas and moved to New York to become an actor.
SISSY HICKEY – mid 50s, Peggy’s much younger sister, and aunt to Brother Boy, LaVonda and Litrelle who has picked the wrong day to quit smoking.
NOLETA NETHERCOTT – early 40s, Sissy’s next-door neighbor, the distraught wife of G.W. Nethercott and best friend to LaVonda.
LATRELLE WILLIAMSON – early 50s, Ty’s mother, who is primarily concerned with keeping up appearances. Latrelle wants to persuade her sister LaVonda and Aunt Sissy not to bury her mother, Peggy in a mink stole in Texas during the summer.
LA VONDA DUPREE – late 40s, Latrelle’s liberal-minded worldly sister. Peggy’s eldest daughter, a free spirit who is also Noleta’s best friend.
G.W. NETERCOTT – late 40s, the distraught legless Vietnam Vet. Noleta’s unfaithful husband, who feels responsible for Peggy’s death.
WARDELL “BUBBA” OWENS – late 40s, the former gay-bashing remorseful bartender. G.W.’s friend and the object of Brother Boy’s affection.
ODELL OWENS – mid 40s, Wardell’s worthless story-telling brother. Bubba’s brother who is scarred for life by a pig-bloating incident.
JUANITA BARTLETT – Wardell’s short-term memory friend and regular patron (a.k.a. ‘the town drunk’).
DR. EVE BOLINGER – late 40s, the over-sexed pill-popping, alcoholic therapist who wants to de-homosexualize Brother Boy so she can write a book and quit her psychiatrist job at the mental institution.
EARL “BROTHER BOY” INGRAM – late 40s, the Tammy Wynette obsessed transvestite. Brother Boy has been institutionalized for 23 years by his parents for being a cross-dressing homosexual.
REV. BARNES – the Southern Baptist preacher.

Job type: Non Paid

Casting Location: Austin and San Marcos and San Antonio, Texas
Contact email:

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