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TV Pilot audition posted by the Casting Director
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location: New York City, NY

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“The Second District” portrays a struggling police department that fights to maintain order; rival gangs have seized control of a portion of the city called “The Second District.” The show is a high intensity police drama, which takes place in the City of Hartford, Connecticut.

The series shows the power struggles within the police department and the gangs, which are in full control of the “Second District.” The “Second District” will follow the personal and professional lives of four uniform patrol officers assigned to a Street Crimes Unit, which handles street-level gang offenses. The series also showcases the personnel and inner workings of the gangs and the struggle for individual power with its own ranks.

Here is a breakdown of characters we are casting for “The Second District” (CT & NY):


Derrian Cruz- . Black and Hispanic Male, can be played by either black or Hispanic actor, should speak Spanish fluently. Good looking Smart and capable.
Clean cut and athletic, charming. Photographic memory.

John O’Reilly-Irish, looks his age. Late 30s early 40s. average height and weight.

Janette Simmons-Black female late 25 to 30s. Attractive and athletic, tough and strong.

Todd Reynolds- White 30s. .Good looking, spit and polish kind of guy. Smart family man., Gets hit on a lot.

Michael Chu-Asian male 25-35. Asian looking. Good cop, smart and articulate.

Allie Jiminez-30 year old Spanish/Irish Female. Pretty, overweight. Friendly, outgoing, gets along with the male cops.

Chief Velasquez-Spanish female 40s, attractive, well spoken, smart. Holds herselfwell.

Assistant Chief Antonio Schibelli-Italian male, looks 45-50 years old. In good shape. 25 year veteran, Effective cop, hard nose. Untrustworthy.

Deputy Chief Julian Westaguard-35-40 Black male. Average looks. Dedicated to his job. Loyal to Velasquez.

Captain Jason Womack-White male. 40s. Spineless, easily manipulated.

Sergeant Mace Richards IAD-White male 30-40. Loner, scumbag cold and calculating, always looking to bag the cops. Works out in good shape.

Patrol Sergeant Elaine Kelly- White female medium build. Brown hair/blue eyes. 35-45 years old, all business. Tough as nails Irishwoman who takes no shit from anyone.

Patrol Lieutenant Frankie Donohue- White male 40, divorced. Irish, balding,nice guy and a great administrator.

Roll Call Sergeant- Bald black male, attractive and friendly in his 40s. Cares about the cops. Big in the gut. Booming voice.

Roll Call Lieutenant- White male late 50s, heavy set white hair. Smart, he’s an old war dog, been a cop in Hartford for 30 years. Jaded, seen it all.

Detective Jennie Ramirez- Spanish female 35-45 years old. Pretty. Well dressed. Divorced.

Detective Terry Holton- White female, short 5’3 and a little stocky. Big mouth, always bantering with the cops.

Security Guard at Hartford Courant-Black male 20s. 5’11-6ft. Short hair. Haitian accent. Street smart-waiting to get on Hartford PD.

Mayor Westerlund-Black Male late 50s. Well spoken, conservative, dignified looking.

Frank Rossi-Running for Mayor. Attractive Italian man 45-55 years old. Charismatic and friendly. May be thick around the middle, dark hair and good features.

Davon Wilson- Lawyer of record for the 20s gang. 30-40 years old. An angry imposing figure in the courtroom, often rude and always guarded. Never shows a soft side, although he does have one. Smart and capable.

Arnie Borenstein-Sheister Jewish layer, no morals or discernible conscience. Often represents gang members for the right price. Balding, overweight and 50-60 years old.

Sara Kendall-Derrian Cruz’s ex-girlfriend. 25-35 year old crazy white girl. Very attractive but bipolar. Very calculating and dangerous. Narcissistic.

Amber Case- Cruz’s current girlfriend. OR Nurse at St. Francis. Beautiful black woman late 20s-early 30s. Soft spoken, ladylike, kind and capable.

Mary O’Reilly-Married to John. White female. Disabled Late 30s early 40s. Bitter and angry. Irish. Walks with a cane.

Store owner-Older Spanish male 60s, gray hair. Street smart. Keeps to himself.

Habib’s mother-Thin proud looking black woman late 40s early 50s.

ER Doctor Michael Smith-30s. All business.

Reverend “CC” Carlton Cook-Black man in his 60’s. Average height. Medium build. Street advocate. Runs soup kitchen.

Tom Flannigan-Aggressive 35-45 year old reporter. Extremely condescending and arrogant.

Evelyn Harris – Street person. Nosy. Addict. Knows everyone-sees everything. Sarcastic. Black Female late 30s early 40s. Tall and big boned, heavy Jamaican accent.

Laurie Campbell–News reporter in Hartford. Pretty, blond, thin, 30 something.
Charming, friendly and slick.

EMS worker Pete- Hispanic male, tall and thin. Fast paced, quick, jerky movements. stressed out all the time.


Whiz aka whizard : 5 11′ 6 ft mid 20’s late 30’s medium athletic build Black Male (Hit Man)

Habib Walker : 6ft tall Black Male medium build up and coming boxer (20s member)

Atione James Bka Blaze: 5ft 10″ slim build 2nd lieutenant (The Solids) member.(violent)

Quiet Money AKA John Smalls: Hustler ,very intelligent, college education about 6ft. late 20’s mid 30’s (No Gang affiliations)

Miguel “Macho” Cortez- Hispanic male 30-35 years. tattooes. Underboss of the Solids. Killer, dealer –ruthless.

Chino-Acting boss of the solids Hispanic/Black. Polished-flashy-public relations type leader. Tall and lanky, looks good in clothes.

Lavon Jackson-21-year-old black male. Member of the 20s, drug dealer who also works in the graveyard. Young looking. Short, thin. Innocent looking. Witnesses murder.

Aseem-(AZ) height 5’8″ Enforcer/hit man. Average height. very smart.

BJ-Frank Lucas Jr. Dropped out 11th Grade, is a street genius. Very cunning with business savvy and demands respect.

Takeisha Johnson aka (Cassie) College educated. 28-35 Black female. Pretty, slick and rebellious. Eventually joins gang.

Tariq-James BKA (Better known as) Knuckles
Black Male 35 years old. Boss of the organization. Stocky, used to box.

Pablo Sanchez BKA (Escobar) is Puerto Rican and Cuban, with light brown skin. 25-30 years old

House-aka Martin Hill- 400 pound black male 25-35 years old. Intimidator for the 20s. Lieutenant who carries out execution orders. Stone cold killer, loyal to leader.

Manuel Garcia BKA Manny-AKA Puerto Rican-FUEGO
Stands at 6 ft. Manuel is the boss in his crew very smart book and streetwise.

Maria Santiago- Manuel Garcia’s girlfriend. Nice looking girl. Tough talking and very loyal.

Auditions will be held at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, CT from 10 a.m. to 5 pm in the Grand Pequot Tower Ballroom. Actors please bring your headshot/resume. Others please come with an 8X10 photo with your contact information on the back. Please read the character descriptions and know which character you would like to read for when you arrive. Anyone who arrives after 5PM, will not be able to audition.

Closed scheduled auditions will be held from 11 a.m. to 4:30pm
Please submit your headshot/resume and the character you would like to audition for in the SUBJECT line to

Thank you,
LaQuanda Plantt
Casting Director
“The Second District”

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: New York City, NY
Contact email:

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