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Tigers’ Quest IV: The Final Quest voice actors
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location: Nationwide

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NOTE: You MUST visit http://finalquest.tigersquest.com/audition.html for full
casting information, character lists, and sides. This casting notice you are
reading right now only contains some of the information you will require to

Casting Call

Everlasting Films is a group of professional, semi-professional, and amateur
actors who have been making film and audio dramas since 1974.

We are currently holding a casting call for voice over artists for our
production of the audio drama Tigers’ Quest IV: The Final Quest, the fourth of
five audio dramas in this series.

This is a non-union production. Pay rates are listed along with the sides. Funds
are in US dollars. Terms are Net-30.

Audition Stats: Just so you know, when we were casting for Tigers’ Quest, we had
over 3,600 people start out for only 27 roles. 200 people made it to the final
audition. Does this mean that only the experienced should try out? Certainly
not! Two of the roles were given to people with no professional experience. One
person had never acted before! So please, you are more than encouraged to try

Audition guidelines:

* Auditions shall be submitted either as a high-quality mp3 file which we will
download from your web space or you may e-mail to us. Submit auditions to
everlastingfilms@onepost.net . Please label your e-mail subject line as “FINAL
QUEST”. We use a very aggressive spam filter and sometimes it discards things
that it shouldn’t. Labeling your subject properly will help us find your e-mail.
If your e-mail is actually bounced by our spam filter (very rare, but it
happens), please post a note on our message board at
http://www.dwad.net/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=9 and we’ll be certain to contact

* Please use the following convention for naming your files: “
.mp3″ where is the name of the character you are
auditioning for and is your name. Thus, if you were auditioning for
Firberan and your name was John Jeff, the filename would be “Firberan – John
Jeff.mp3”. Yes, we know it all sounds very obvious, but you would be surprised
what comes to us if we don’t spell things out. Please use a different file for
each character. Hundreds of people audition for these productions, so please
bear with us as we try to keep things organised. Please be professional when
listing your name. Stage names are okay. Internet nicks and one words names are

* You must have a good quality microphone and a good sound card. Record one
second of silence with the microphone turned on before beginning your lines (for
noise reduction purposes). Files are to be submitted in mp3 format, 16-bit,
44100 Hz, 64 Kbps, mono, or as close as you can get to that. If your software
doesn’t have those exact parameters, choose a higher quality rather than a lower
one. If you have any questions regarding how to do any of this, please do not
hesitate to ask. We know a lot of people are unfamiliar with this aspect of
their computers, and we can help and provide some direction in this regard.
Most personal computers today are very capable of recording very good quality
sound files, so there is no need for anyone to be using an expensive studio
anymore except for very high-end productions.

* In addition to recording your lines for your audition, please also state your
name. This will be used by the narrator to pronounce your name correctly in the
credits should you be chosen for the role. If you are trying out for multiple
roles, please state your name in each file. We only keep the audition which wins
you the role, so this way we’ll be certain to have your pronunciation instead of
accidentally losing it.

* Those selected will be required to record their lines using their own
equipment and submit them by a deadline, as well as be available to quickly
re-record any lines deemed necessary by the director. Please do not audition if
you are not able to meet this commitment.

* Very important: Please let us know where you found your casting call notice.
Our casting notices are proliferated to numerous agencies and often they are
edited without our knowledge or permission. Telling us where you found our
casting notice will help us to know if you have all the information or not. Your
audition may be bounced if it does not contain this information.

* Be sure to “audition” your own recordings before sending them in. Auditions
will be bounced (sent back) if there are technical problems we can not filter
out. (Distortion, background noise, and echo are the three biggest problems.) By
listening to your own sound files, you can find and correct these problems
before sending them in. For some basic help in avoiding some of the more common
problems, click here. (Please note that the link takes you away from the The
Final Quest audition page. Use your browser back button to return here. Do not
use the link which says “Return to previous page”, because it won’t bring you

* If you have to re-submit an audition because it was sent back, please send all
the information and attachments again. (Where you found the casting notice,
auditions and demos.) Due to space limitations, we do not archive bounced
auditions. Please forgive us for making you re-submit stuff you already sent,
but this will prevent your audition from getting bounced again because we forgot
you already sent something.

* For this production, you will be required to sign a contract. If you are a
minor, a parent or legal guardian must also sign it. For those who would like to
view a copy of the contract, you may download a template of it by clicking here.
Please note that this is only a template and yours will be customised.

* Note that we acknowledge all auditions and everyone who auditioned will be
told whether they got the role or not. (Being actors ourselves, we always hated
being kept in limbo.) So if your audition isn’t acknowledged, something happened
and we didn’t receive it. If we’ve received your audition and you still haven’t
received an e-mail telling you the results, you’re still in the running. If more
time has gone by than you think should have to get an answer, please don’t
hesitate to ask. It doesn’t bother us, and sometimes it’s true that some
internet black hole eats e-mail messages.

* Because of the size and complexity of this production, it may take a couple of
weeks before everyone receives their notification. Again, if you don’t hear from
us, you are still in the running. If you feel the need to drop an e-mail asking
the status of your audition, please feel free to do so.

* If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to
everlastingfilms@onepost.net. We will be happy to assist you.

Auditions close 11:59 PM, PDT, 22 October 2012. You must have all audition
material submitted and accepted by then.

“Is this all we can hope for now? Cowing in the brush? Frightened at any sound?
Moving only during the darkest of night? We were promised more than this.” –

Once, many humans came to this part of India with their guns and took a terrible
toll. This was called “The Great Slaughter”. Many years passed before humans
were seen again, but return they did. Now, humans and animals find themselves
vying for the same land, the Indian government bent on resettling villages into
what was once jungle territory. Clashes were inevitable, and they were becoming
more frequent.

The animals of the jungle have found that they were unable to stand against the
might of these powerful “Killers”. With more and more land being taken away from
their habitat, they have begun to fight among themselves for what little
resources are left. But the supply of land and game is diminishing, and even the
strong are no longer guaranteed survival.

The following are the current open roles for The Final Quest: (Remember, sides
and additional information/instructions are listed at

AAKASH (10/5)

Male Black Eagle. Human years: Adult. Showing signs of fatigue and illness, but
not over the top. Has been poisoned by drinking the poisoned water of the nearby
watering hole.

ANIMAL, ANIMAL 2 (1, 2/2)

Any gender, any jungle animal. Human years: Adult. Generic jungle dweller.

BIRD (1/2)

Any gender, bird. Human years: Adult. Spreads the unbelievable message that
Gangadhar is dead.

CATAVA (13/7)

Female lioness. Human years: Adult. Like all lions, holds others as “beneath her
station”. Pronunciation: Cah-tah-vah (Name from a proverb)

CHUNNI (7/4)

Female Indian. Human years: 30’s. Villager. (Star)

CIARDI (17/9)

Male jackal. Human years: Adult. Tries to be sly but is utterly unconvincing at
it. Everyone knows that jackals are just gutter trash. They have their uses and
are tolerated to a point. The days are now that jackals will turn even on their


Male lion. Human years: 40’s. Mate to Lehana, among others. King of his pride,
he has lead them to Gangadhar’s territory because of continuing encroachment of
Man and the poisoning of the water holes has made lion country impossible to
live in. He is strong, forceful, and is willing and able to wipe anyone aside to
protect his pride. He considers anyone not a lion to be either food or
competition. He will horde the one and not tolerate the other. He suffers from
complete tunnel vision in that he only considers the good of his pride and
nothing else. Pronunciation: Dah car’ ee (Child brings joy, happiness)

ELOM (3/2)

Female lioness, adult. Pronounciation: Ee-l ah m (God Loves Me)

HAMSA (9/5)

Female tigress. Human years: Late 20’s. Mother of Prasa. Believes
whole-heartedly in Gangadhar’s rule, and, though afraid, is willing to die for
it. Pronunciation: Ham (as in roast ham) – sa’ (as in the blade of a saw) (Swan)

JESSICA (362/100)

Female tigress. Human years: Early 20’s. Able to take care of herself, but has
lived in Gangadhar’s territory for some time, truly believing that the harsh
rule he imposes will protect everyone from the Killers. She has yet to come into
season, only now being the appropriate age. She is repulsed by the idea that she
has been promised to Kodi of the Zhuundd, but she will obey Gangadhar’s rule. At
first she finds Joshua to be like every other male she has encountered
(generally the Zhuundd), but begins to see him in a different light as he shows
kindness and compassion. Feminine.

KASHUDA (28/14)

Male tiger. Human years: 50’s. Member of the Zhuundd. Past his prime in tiger
years, he nevertheless carries himself with great authority and power, knowing
he has the support of Gangadhar and the backup of his streak. Contemptuous of
all those “beneath” him. Pronunciation: Cash-ooh-dah

KISSNER (95/45)

Male Briton. Age: 40’s. Hires himself out for hunts. Knows the country very
well, but only cares about the money. Although shows some respect for nature and
proper enthusiasm and excitement for the hunt to his customers, the true beauty
is the paycheque that he gets at the end of the day. He has hunted so much in
his life that it has lost any real thrill for him.

KODI (74/35)

Male tiger. Human years: 50’s. Member of the Zhuundd. Past his prime in tiger
years, he nevertheless carries himself with great authority and power, knowing
he has the support of Gangadhar and the backup of his streak. However he does
have a slight distaste for some of the harsher laws that he must, by necessity,
enforce. Has been promised Jessica as a mate by Gangadhar. Pronunciation:

LEHANA (28/14)

Female lioness. Human years: 50’s. Mate to Dakarai. Alpha female of the pride.
As a lion, looks down upon all others. As alpha female, even looks down upon her
own. Commands, and all are expected to obey. Shares the attitude that all other
animals are there for her and her pride to eat. Pronunciation: Lee-ah-nah (One
who refuses)

LIONESS 1, 2 (2, 3/2)

Female lion, adult.

MADAN (49/25)

Male Indian. Human years: 30’s. Villager who is trying to eke out a living.
Doesn’t have time or interest to care about the jungle dwellers. Good money can
be made from hunts, either killing and selling the animal or by hiring himself
out as a shikari, though has no real training in that. Pronunciation: Mah-don.

MONKEY (1/2)

Male monkey. Human years: Adult. Not too bright, almost “caveman” mentality.
Hyper like any monkey.

NIPUNA (72/35)

Male tiger. Human years: 50’s. Member of the Zhuundd. Past his prime in tigers
years, he nevertheless carries himself with great authority and power.
Contemptuous of all those “beneath” him. Pronunciation: Nip-ooh-nah (Master)

ORI (8/4)

Male tiger. Human years: Adult. By the time we see him, he is near starved, the
game having long been taken over by the intruder lions. He is somewhat defeated.
He walks with some pain due to a broken rib received from a kick by a deer.
Pronunciation: Aw-ere (Charitable king)


Female pheasant. Human years: Middle aged Adult.

PRASA (1/2)

Male tiger. Human years: 10. Son of Pranjal and Hamsa. Has pretty much grown up
under Gangadhar’s rule and thus, along with the teaching of his mother, accepts
the way of life there. Fears the Killers more than Gangadhar, and is willing to
accept the necessity of his death simply because Gangadhar commands it. Though
is still fearful of death just like any normal living creature is.

RANJEET (21/10)

Male Indian. Age: Adult. Mahout. (Victor in wars)

SALYA (58/24)

Female porcupine. Humans years: Adult. Although porcupines are a delicacy, she
knows she is pretty safe thanks to her quills. But she also knows food is food,
any any predator is a potential enemy. Friendly enough, though, to Jessica and
anyone else, but always has a touch of wariness. Her leg is broken, punishment
for breaking the rules of survival promulgated by Gangadhar. Pronunciation: Sal
(as in Salutation) – ya (short vowel a) (Porcupine)

SAVARNA (228/75)

Female tigress. Human years: Early 30’s. Dislikes male tigers, hates Gangadhar
and the Zhuundd. Her first litter was killed by Gangadhar when he came and took
over the territory. Since then, she has done everything she can to avoid coming
into season again so she would not be forced to mate with the Zhuundd that
Gangadhar has promised her to. All male tigers are the same to her: selfish and
evil. But she stays in Gangadhar’s territory because, like all others, believes
Gangadhar’s way will save everyone from the Killers. Pronunciation: Sah – var
(as in “varnish”) – nah. (Daughter of the Ocean)

TISREE (5/3)

Female monkey. Human years: Adult. Not too bright, almost “caveman” mentality.
Hyper like any monkey.

TRAVERS (25/12)

Male Briton. Age: 30’s. In India to hunt the tiger and get himself a trophy to
take home. Does enjoy the countryside. Typical tourist.


Male Indian. Adult. Villager.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Nationwide
Contact email: everlastingfilms@onepost.net

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