Background Extras wanted for AMC pilot – open casting call Richmond


A pilot for a new AMC show about the revolutionary war named ‘Turn’ will begin production in Richmond VA in early April.

Casting for extras is being handled by Erica Arvold Casting in Virginia. An open casting call has been scheduled for this weekend for anyone interested in working in the pilot.

About the show: 1 HOUR AMC TELEVISION PILOT — Period drama set during the Revolutionary War. The show will shoot in April 2013.

Turn is based on the Alexander Rose book Washington’s Spies
Turn is set in the summer of 1778 and tells the story of New York farmer, Abe Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form The Culper Ring, an unlikely group of spies who turn the tide in America’s fight for independence.

Casting directors are seeking people who can pass as being part of the Revolutionary War and that time period such as people with long hair. You can see the full specs below.

The open casting for extras will be held at:
Art Works
320 Hull Street
Richmond, VA 23224

On Sunday, March 24th, 2013, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Casting notice details:
Parking: Pay close attention to street parking signs for free parking. Adjacent lot is paid parking. There is a lot a block away (by the closed down fast food restaurant) that is free.

Seeking background characters who can look authentically as if they are from the Revolutionary War period for extra roles, including group military scenes, farm field workers, and tavern and village scenes. Long hair in both sexes is highly desirable, as well as a few days or more facial hair growth for men. Ability to see/function without physically wearing eyeglasses is needed (contacts okay).

The following are especially encouraged to attend:
All Males with long hair and/or character faces and/or thin, wiry builds (Caucasian, African American and Native American).
Caucasian Males from age 16-30 years old.
Men with the following experience: horseback riding, stage combat, stunt, skinning small game, pipe/cigar smoking, Blacksmith, Farrier or Minister.
Caucasian Women and girls with thin to average build; long, unprocessed, uncolored hair below shoulders and natural (non-modern) unplucked eyebrows.
African American men, women and children able to realistically portray house slaves/field workers in the year 1775.
One year old Caucasian babies from the Richmond area (especially multiples) who are easy going and not afraid of strangers.

General notes:
The Revolutionary War happened over 230 years ago, and we need background characters who look like they are from that time period. Therefore, no visible tattoos, no visible braces. Hair should look natural and NOT appear processed or colored. Eyebrows should be natural, NOT appear modern and plucked. Teeth should look natural and real, NOT noticeably capped or modern.
Those who have already auditioned for TURN with Erica Arvold (and indicated a willingness to be an extra on their information sheet at that time) need not attend the Open Call but are welcome to do so.

Open call is OPEN to both union and non-union members. All experience levels welcome.

*Note to SAG-AFTRA members: Please bring your SAG-AFTRA membership card with you so that you may identified as such and be escorted to the separate SAG-AFTRA line.

2 thoughts on “Background Extras wanted for AMC pilot – open casting call Richmond

  1. Jasmine dennard

    If you are looking for any other extras for upcoming please let me know if they are in va.

  2. S.Alexander

    Hello, I was wondering if this casting call is still open. I am from the NOVA area but Richmond isn’t too far away from where I currently reside. I am 16 years old and I have moderately long(ish) natural brown/red hair, blue/green eyes and of Native Am. and Irish descent. I have some acting experience along with singing and guitar.



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