Birth of Soul The Musical Auditions Feb 9, 2013


Indiana Auditions

Where: Musicians Union 325 N. Delaware St Indianapolis, IN
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Type: Singers


ALL AUDITIONS HELD FEB 9, 2013 with callbacks on FEB 10, 2013.

Birth of Soul is a history lesson and love story rolled into one. It
takes onlookers on a journey tracing the genealogy of soul music
sharing with the audience the origins, breadth, depth and influence
of soul music. Through a series of flashbacks, the audience is
surrounded by tunes from Mahalia Jackson, Nat King Cole, Etta James,
Billie Holiday and Fats Domino to modern day.
Available Roles:
School Principal – Ms. Witsum (35-55)
Witty, Energetic, Nutty personality, fun-loving, clumsy narrates the majority of the story and scenes with the classroom, she falls in love with Mr. Crisp. Comedic timing is a MUST, acting is more important. She doesn’t necessarily need to be strong vocally, she sings but it is meant to be in a parody like fashion.
Teacher – Mrs. Strickland (35-65)
As the name implies she is the opposite of Ms. Witsum, she is NO NONSENSE, to the book school teach who is impatient and really all about getting down to business. She doubles as a singer in several of the scenes in the flashback sequences in the city scene.
Janitor – Mr. Crisp (45-60)
Shy and slick, he is the janitor of the school who always conveniently appears to get a glimpse at Ms. Witsum. He is also the person who always has a story to tell about how things ‘used to be’. Acting is most important, singing is a plus but not necessary.

All Female and Male Leads are in group and solo numbers according to voice type music ranges from negro spirituals to jazz, to 50’s do wop and 60’s to 70’s Disco and Soul to modern day. Strong voices, ability to harmonize, great personalities and stage presence and good movement are all a must.
Female Lead 1
Female Lead 2
Female Lead 3
Female Lead 4
Male Lead 1
Male Lead 2
Male Lead 3
Male Lead 4
Class Mate/Chorus 1 – Nerd/doubles as Michael Jackson for solo
Class Mate/Chorus 2 – Cheerleader doubles as Janet Jackson for solo
Class Mate/Chorus 3 – Gangster wannabe doubles as Usher for solo
Class Mate/Chorus 4 – Shy white girl with killer vocals doubles as Tina Marie and Mariah for solos
Juan – Class Mate/Rapper

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Musicians Union 325 N. Delaware St Indianapolis, IN
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