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Where: Dayton, OH
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Type: Student Films

Additional audition dates may be added!
Auditions: Dayton Metro Library
Date: May 10th, 2:05-3:50 pm, May 11th , 4:35- 6:50 pm
Head shots will be taken. E-mail socialmediabyevie @ to let sign up for a time.
Movie: Amy (Working Tittle) 30-45 minute film
All volunteers will be offered credit and a copy of the film. This is freshmen effort by director Evie Warner, founder of RenRaw Films. She is a member of FilmDayton and DATV. This means the film could air on public access! A KickStart campaign is being considered to raise funds needed to submit to festivals. Great opportunity to help build a portfolio and gain valuable experience.
Film is expected to start in June. Most filming will be on Saturdays. One location is on Wright State Campus.
Amy doesn’t remember what happened to her and a fellow classmate when they were kidnapped several weeks ago. Her freshest memory is being found wondering along road in the woods. Her friend and one of the kidnappers was found dead.
Main characters:
Amy Devlin: multiple scense. College aged Studen/grad studentt. Prefer blond or brunette. Must be Physically but not really skinny, between 5 ft. 4 and 5 ft. 6 Must be or look between the ages of 20-22. She is a devout Christian. Amy is struggling emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She and a friend were kidnapped two weeks earlier and Amy survived. Her friend was killed.

FBI Agent Jensen Piper: Multiple scenes. Race: White w/ closely cropped hair. Clean shaven or grizzeled. Between 5 ft 6 and 5ft 9. Athletic build. Mid 30’s. He grew up in the church but is not overly religious. Looking for someone with their own suit and tie. One scene may require outfit that the actor does not mind getting bloodied. A seasoned FBI agent, Piper for over a year has been hunting the same men who kidnapped Amy and Valery. Piper is desperate for Amy to recover her member.
Rev. Eli: no preferred race. Older gentlemen about fifty years old. He has salt and peppery hair. He helps run the 24/7 prayer and meditation center on Willowgrove University sponsored by a Christian organization on campus and local churches.
Lucas: Race: White Age: looks about 18-21. Slightly taller than Amy and smaller build than Piper. At first look, he seems to be quiet and appears timid. However underneath is a volatile young man with an unhealthy obsession for Amy.
Valery Hart/ the angel Raziel: two scenes. Any race. Between ages 20-22. Actress needs to have long hair which she knows how to style Deferential treatment will be given to those who are willing and able to help with make-up and hair for other actors. Between 5 ft. 4 inches. 5 ft. 6 inches. Needs the body of someone who is either dancer or gymnast for when the angel, appearing elegant and graceful when playing the part of the Angel Raziel. .
News Casters 3-4: need voices only
If you are willing to allow use of a basement of a home or business or spare bedroom to be used to film a few scenes please contact the director at socialmediabyevie @
215 E Third St

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Dayton, OH

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