Female Actors for Conceptual Art & Fundraiser – NYC


Where: New York City
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Type: Theater

This is a conceptual performance of a research paper on women’s financial ideology for successful living using personal narratives instead of statistical data. The performance will benefit financial literacy for girls/women, and domestic violence prevention/intervention services.

Audition Info: – Phase 1 – Submit video weblink of clips, headshots, and MUST PROVIDE short letter telling me about yourself and why this project interests you. Will accept resumes as well. Mention if you have experience or interest in doing PR interviews to promote the performances.

– Characters are womenof different ages ranging from 30-65.

– Must have strong character developments skills, natural feel for improvisation, enjoy collaborating and be a good creative partner. Musthave access to and know how to use online instant web chatting service (Skype, Google hangout,etc.)

– The research paper uses story instead of data so the paper is the primary text (you will be provided a link to the documentandstage direction.)

– Between 5 and 10 actors will be cast to breathe life into 4-8 characters.

– Each actor will represent a theme such as ‘What life style do you want?’, ‘Plan and be persistent,’ ‘Be independent,’ ‘Know when to ask for help,’ etc.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: New York City
Please submit to: whatisculturalfusion@gmail.com

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