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Music video audition Posted by the Singer, Song writer

Where: Chicago IL
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Type: Music Video

I am in the Chicago area and have a stable job and profession. I am looking for a female actress to complete a work-for-hire music video project with me and an already hired professional music video producer. I have a wide variety of tastes but most of the songs range from soft rock to pop, some even with a flair for hard rock, country, dance styles. Each song varies. I have been writing lyrics since I was 10. My talent is lyrics and lead vocals.

The song is done and called “Nothing to hide.” The music video storyboard is basically done and we need a female aged 25-35 to play the role of my significant other in the video. We will also probably need another female actress to play the role of her friend at work for a small part. Shooting will be all day Friday May 17th in the Chicagoland area.

There is no cost to you and your only responsibility is performing your female role in the video. This is an unpaid role and performance. You will be able to use the video clip for your portfolio after the CD is released worldwide in September 2013. Please send some examples of your video work as well as some pics or portfolio if you have them.

You would need to sign off on a contract including guaranteeing that this is original work that is not copied and was created exclusively by you for me. It needs to be allocated to only me with no further rights to the music or video.

I might also be interested in future work for my other songs.

Of course, you would get credit for your acting in any future success, music video, the album and with this song. The music and video rights would be owned by me however and you will receive no future royalties.

If in the future, I need you to play and be in a show, tour etc, obviously we would discuss fair compensation at that time for any performances. I am looking for a long-term music video acting partner and I am hoping that this “extensive interview process of mine” will help me to chose wisely long-term. So basically, if we make it big, I’d give up my job and make this my full time gig and career. Also would want to donate portion of proceeds to charity…

Warm regards,

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Chicago IL
Please submit to: samsperon@gmail.com

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