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Where: Chicago, Illinois
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Type: Student Films

lorenzo and Manny are cousins, blood brothers. This bond will be tested when Manny calls Lorenzo with a huge problem: He has accidently killed a girl he knows only as Butterfly during his drug trip. Will Lorenzo help Manny get rid of the body? And more importantly, is Butterfly really dead? The film will be shown in class and will also be uploaded to our website and youtube channel: Credit, a copy of the film, and expenses will be provided for you.


(18-26 Male)
Manny is the reckless and impulsive one of the two cousins. He commits a terrible crime in a lapse of judgement and calls on lorenzo to bail him out. He is a college freshman living in suburbia with the maturity of someone who has always been sheltered in suburbia. Physique: Caucasian, boyish looks, athletic

(18-26 Male)
lorenzo is also a college freshman living in suburbia. lorenzo is the rational and analytically one. He has to be in order to help Manny through the ordeal, even if the ordeal breaks him mentally and physically. Physique: Caucasian, Slim

(17-26 Female)
Butterfly is the victim and burden of the two cousins’ problem. As the night progresses and she shows signs of being alive and most importantly being coherent, Butterfly becomes more of a danger to the boys than they ever believed they were in. Physique: Caucasian, petite, young looking

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: Chicago, Illinois
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