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Thin Lines
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location: Los Angeles

Category: Student Films

casting dates:1/19/13
casting location: Los Angeles
shoot date: 2/25/13
payment: $100/day
ED : african-american, late 20s, tall, slim, masculine, calm, patient.

JAKE: white, 35 years, 5’7″- 5’8”, medium built, well groomed.
The story if about Ed and Jake. Jake is a middle class guy working as a Finance Project coordinator in a company. Jake is making illegal money on the side through company sales and stacking it aside for a comfortable early retirement through some accomplices. He is visited one night by Ed, a contract killer. Ed used to be a driver for a rich businessman till about 6 years ago when his bosses wife, who he had a passionate affair with, died in the delivery room. Ed’s life changed for the worse, getting him involved in robbery, vandalism, mugging and contract killing. Ed is at a crossroad in his life wanting to make changes to the low moral life he lives. He has this one last job to finish, to kill Jake.
The main SCENE is in Jakes apartment bedroom where Jake is trying to sleep and wakes in fright seeing Ed in his room. Ed and Jake have a conversation over why Jake should’t be killed, and Jake’s lame justifications of his pathetic life saving attempts.
NEXT SCENE: Jake is handcuffed, blindfolded sitting smoking a cigarette in the woods. He pleads innocence and also offers Ed money.
At the end Ed leaves Jake in the woods with a deadly shoulder wound and a syringe of sedative. Ed gives Jack an opportunity to decide what he wants to do with his life and walks away.

Job type: Paid

Casting Location: Los Angeles
Contact email: ashkal13@gmail.com

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