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Where: Miami
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Type: Student Films

Casting: Friday July 12th, 2013 by appointment only 9am- 7pm
SAG Short Thesis 15 minute Film. Will audition non-union and SAG actors.
4 day shoot week during week of August 15 – August 18 in
Dade / Broward
Sides and / or monologue at audition.

Talent: IMDb credit, food, copy, film festival submissions, pay plus 10% agent fee if applicable. All characters paid. Rate depends on character and total shoot days. Rehearsal included.

1. Rami: 19-year-old boy Age range 16-26. Principal. Dark hair, dark eyes. Untidy. Middle class family. Very conservative. Popular in school. Hopes to be a doctor. Hides anger from having to defend his religion. An extrovert. Freshman in high school. Caught between the teenager modernism and his obligation to be the man of the house. Will audition Hispanic (no accent), Middle-eastern, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Mediterranean or hispanic. 3 days. Principle $250

2. Miriam: mid to late 40s. Arabic woman. Can be Latin but with should have no Spanish accent. as well as Iranian / Turkish Mediterranean. Principal. 2 days. Dark hair, dark eyes. Widow. Looks older than she is. Was once very beautiful. Tidy and neat looking. Sheltered childhood. She is a strong woman. Married at age 16. Lives in fear. $250 Will fly her in if from outside of Florida.

3.Patrick: Caucasian or Hispanic (no accent). Age range 17-25. In love with Sama. Motivated, responsible. Attends school and works. Principal. 2 days. $200
Sama is an American high school student who is in love with Patrick, an all-American boy. But, Sama is not your typical American teenager.
Born to a traditional Muslim family, she discovers that is she to be betrothed to a 32-year-old Muslim man, a marriage her recently widowed mother had planned very carefully to ease their financial situation.
Sama hides her intimate relationship with Patrick from her family, especially her ultra-conservative older brother, Rami, who is considered the head of the family after the death of their father.
Sama does not want to get married. She and Patrick attempt to runaway, but her mother and Rami find out.
Will Sama escape the arranged marriage or will she become another victim of religious and cultural beliefs that are rooted in thousands of years of tradition?

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Miami
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