MTV now casting hip dads


Get your hip dad on an MTV show – Is your dad a Bro?

Is your dad so hip and cool that all your friends want to hang with him? MTV is now casting dads that act more like their kids age than the kids do!

Does his over-the-top personality make him the center of attention everywhere he goes? Do your guy friends want to hang with him while your girlfriends just love to be around him? Does he help you snag the hottest dates or dress like all the guys you know? Maybe he’s even better than you at throwing parties, video games or sports. If you appear to be between the ages of 18-24 and your Dad is the life of the party, who acts more your age than his own, MTV wants to hear from you!

To submit your dad email
Please include a brief summary of why your dad is a bro.
Also, make sure to include your full contact information along with pictures of both you and your dad and the city and state in which you both live in.

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