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Type: Film

Seeking male & female actors (New Jersey)
Seeking Male and Female actors for a independent Christian film Auditions Dec 28th 2013 Please submit your bio and picture to Mark Rose Casting Director @ or This is non-union production. Filming begins Jan 18th, 2014. (Please only serious minded need to apply)


  • GRACE: African American Female – Small to Medium build – Age range 50 -55 Attractive &Classy looking.
  • CONTINA: Dominican or Hispanic Female- Age 48 -50- Full Figure- Very Pretty- Funny- Outspoken.
  • JEREMIAH: African American or Jamaican Male – Age range 55-60 – Physically fit – Distinguish – Highly Intelligent & Bold personality.
  • BUDDY: African American Male- Age range 23-25 – Young Alcoholic – Sensitive – Co mediate Personality- Outspoken.
  • FAME: Jamaican Male- Age 26-30- Med frame- Handsome-Tough guy- Dramatic- Outspoken & Hotheaded.
  • PASTOR JENKINS: African American Older Male-Age 60-65-Gentle Spirit- Peacemaker & Confident.
  • SHOCK: African American Male- Age range 20- 23- Handsome – Mid build- Confrontational .
  • GLIDE: African American Male-Age range 28-30- Smooth – Handsome- Suave – Tall- Tough Character& Bold.
  • JAG: African American Male- Age range 25-28 – Cute – Small to Med build-Technical genius – Bold- Humorous & Outspoken.
  • JAY: African American or Haitian Male-Age range 25-28- Med build &Tough.
  • ORLANDO: Hispanic or Dominican Male – Age 25-28- Real good looking- Suave- Med build- Tough& Direct.
  • Dect. Ore: Female Asian- Caucasian or Hispanic Age 36-40 -Model Type- Pretty- Tough- Physically fit & Insightful.
  • SINNETTA: African American Female- Hispanic, or Asian- Age 23-25 – Gorgeous Model type- Temptress- Devious – Witty- Seductive.
  • PASTOR RAMOS: Hispanic Male-Age 30-40 -Intense character -Hyper – C character
  • PASTOR HERMAN: Jamaican Male- Age 55-60- Spunky- soft spoken- Passionate.
  • AZAZEL: Head Male demon: Caucasian- Age 38- 45 Very Handsome- Arrogant & Devious
  • USAY: Demon: African American or Jamaican Male- Age- 38-45- Rugged looking- Body builder type &Outspoken.
  • ZENZAT: Asian or American Indian- Age 35-45-Very handsome- Med build &Sexy
  • BISHOP NEILSON: African American or Jamaican Male – Age 50-55- Very flamboyant- Nervous Type.
  • WEASEL: African American Jamaican Male- Age 19-22 – Melancholy Personalty- Wanna be tough guy.
  • ANT: African American Male- Age 22-25- Tough guy.
  • THE VOICE: African American Jamaican Male-Age 43-50 Mysterious- Cold- Calculating – Top dog Very Handsome- Body builder type- Med build- Sexy voice.
  • DET Grayson: Asian or Caucasian Male- Age 38-48 Med Build- Sneaky & Underhanded.
  • Female Pastor: African American or Jamaican- Age 40-45- Attractive- Soft spoken- Full figure


Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: NEWARK, NEW JERSEY
Please submit to: by 2013-12-18

This casting notice was posted by: Sound Thee Alarm Film & Performing Arts Co.

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