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Texas auditions for singers

Where: San Antonio, TX
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Type: Theater

Auditions are August 25 and 26 at San Antonio’s Woodlawn Theatre. Callbacks will be on the 27th.

Based on the critically acclaimed album by My Chemical Romance. It is the story of Helena, a young German woman living in Nazi-occupied Warsaw, Poland in 1940. She has her life set: a comfortable life with her father being on of Hitler’s go tos and engaged to an officer quickly rising in the ranks. There’s just one problem, she falls in love with Ari, a Jew from the Warsaw ghetto. With the war growing more serious by the minute, they both decide to leave everything they know behind and start life over together… If they make it that far.

Prepare 32 bars of a rock song: Broadway rock or contemporary. If you want to sing My Chemical Romance, that is okay too.

Those auditioning for Elizabeth: prepare a 1-2 minute dramatic monologue. Not old enough to where it’s old English and no contemporary references like cell phones. She is a young teen in 1950.

The narrator does not sing.

I need very dynamic actors. Everyone except the first four will be considered to take on more than one role.

Characters Needed:

Helena Danhof: 20-22. Blonde German. Daughter of of one of Hitler’s go tos. Beautiful, fiercely loyal, intelligent and strong willed. Always willing to go with what everyone says until she meets Ari and a new side is awakened. [Songs: I Don’t Love You, Famous Last Words]

Ari Rosen: 22. Tall, skinny and unconventionally handsome. Always striving to make his heroes proud. A closeted dreamer, ambitious and sad to see so much opportunity disappear from his life. [Check out: The Only Hope For Me Is You, Welcome to The Black Parade]

Fredrik Brandt: 22-24. The Aryan poster child and a quickly rising Nazi officer. Cocky, tactless but but means well. Doesn’t know what adversity in his personal life feels like. [Songs to check out: House of Wolves, Cancer]

Herr Danhof: 40ish. Helena’s emotionally detached father and recent widower. Most likely an alcoholic. A high ranking Nazi. [Already Cast]

Cyrek: 30. The leader of a small Jewish resistance group. A Pole that could have passed for German yet he wanted to stay behind and stand up for justice. Paternal to everyone in the resistance group. [Check out Teenagers, Mama, Disenchanted]

Mendel: 25. A little neurotic with worry but good-natured. Unruly curly hair with glasses. [Check out The End/Dead!, Mama]

Gideon: 15 with wide innocent eyes. He represents how grief-striken Europe wanted to believe all the good things Hitler had to offer and how they lost their innocence. He ages four years during the show. [Check out: The End/Dead!, Teenagers]

Ezra: 22. His philosophy is “It’s better to apologize than ask permission”. Except he probably doesn’t apologize either. His hair is always messy. [Check out The End/Dead!, Mama]

Lukasz: 27. A Pole, like Cyrek. He is soft spoken and the medic of the group. [Check out The End/Dead!, Mama]

Witold Pilecki: Late 30s/Early 40s. A real hero from history. Volunteered to go into death camps and escaped to gain knowledge for his country. [Check out: Save Yourself, I’ll Hold them Back]

Elizabeth: 14-16. A well bred girl discovering a new thing about growing up every day. An avid reader, sharp wit and a huge romantic. Has read Jane Austen more times than anyone. A sweet, pure voice [Check out: Sing]

Deitrich: Early 20s. Volatile and completely brainwashed by the Nazi regime. Fredrik’s best friend. He hates everyone that he deems unworthy.

Braun: 17-20. Joined the military because it was “the right thing to do”. Will do anything to make his superiors proud of him. Kind of Deitrich’s lackey yet has a change of heart.

Payment: Other

City or Location of call: San Antonio, TX
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