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Where: Pittsburgh, PA
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Type: Theater

Auditions are 2/24/13 at 3pm-5pm
2/26/13 at 7pm-9pm
2/28/13 at 7pm-9pm
Auditions are by appointment only. To schedule a time please respond to this posting. Please place “Audition” in the subject line. Further info may be asked as well. Please have a 2-3minute prepared monologue. There will also be a site read as well as a sword handling demonstration. Please where comfortable clothing for this. Rehearsals and auditions will take place at the ETC on Second Ave.

Show dates are May 10th & 11th and May 17th and 18th. All shows are at 8pm.
Rehearsals are Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm All shows will take place at St. Peter & Paul Hall in Carnegie.

Rehearsals will begin on Sunday March 10th at 7:30pm.

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Cast of Characters:
Storyteller Allen A’Dayle – (Non-Combat) Principle narrator. Carries a large book that he “reads” the story from. Also has a large bag over his shoulder that contains hats and props. The
storyteller is not seen by the characters in the story until he places a hat on his head. Then he becomes a character in the story and can be interacted with. Plays the one appearance characters in the story. Improvs with the audience a lot.

Robin Hood – ( High Combat, multiple weapons, experienced ) Noble land owner and Knight who loses his title and lands because of his temper and pride. Matures into a leader over
time. Bold, brash, and fearless. Falls in love with Maid Marian.

Will Scarlet – ( High Combat, experienced )Yeoman to Robin. Good hearted and Robin’s conscious.

Little John – ( High Combat, multiple weapons, experienced ) Headstrong but jolly. Last alive of a large family. Is immune to the Witch’s spells.

Much the Millers Son – (Low Combat, little to no experience )Saved by Robin in the forest therefore loyal to him. Seeks vengeance against the traitor.

Friar Tuck – (Low Combat, little to no experience )Cares for the people, cunning, fearless.

David of Doncaster – ( Low Combat, little to no experience )A bit of a bully. Unseated by Robin. Turns traitor.
Earl Robert de Beaumount – ( Low Combat, little to no experience )Loyal to a fault to the Crown. Trying to remain in power over the overstepping Sheriff.

Maid Marian – (Combat, experienced )The Kings Ward, hates the Sheriff and loathes having to marry him. Hides herself among Robin’s band as a young boy named Arthur.

Sheriff of Nottingham – (Low Combat, little to no experience ) In love with Marian. Loyal to

Prince John- Follows the law to the letter but really uses the law for his own gain. Trusts
no one but his own sister.

Witch Hazel – (Combat, experienced )Sister to the Sheriff. A fighter who wields black magic as a secondary weapon .Second in command to the Sheriff.

Merry Men – ( Low Combat, little to no experience ) (4)A group of characters that have few lines but immense scene presence. Alternate from scene to scene as the merry men that
fills out Robins band to the Sheriff’s guards.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Pittsburgh, PA
Please submit to: micheal@stageandsteel.com

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