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Type: Film

Market Road Films is seeking a male, Russian-accented, voice actor for a feature documentary, which is currently in production. The role is solely audio, and the lines are all in English.
Recording will happen in two several-hour recording sessions: in mid-June, 2013, and in Fall, 2013 at a date to be determined. The role is paid.
The character is a middle aged Russian businessman. He speaks English firmly with a Russian accent and a modulated bounce to his speech. The character is highly intelligent but unpretentious, forceful but not overpowering.
(Please, follow directions to the letter or your submission will not be considered).
1. 1. Follow this link and study the audio samples to help you match the character’s tone, intonation, and accent: (Password: wintertale). We are looking for as close of a match as possible.
2. Record the following lines and attach them as an MP3 file in your email.
a. First of all I am not an owner of the so-called Congolese Company. I don’t own any of these named on this list. More over I don’t know half of these people, Congolese people mentioned there. And this is very funny, because, as I am stating you. This history has a very strange beginning, and a very strange continuation.
b. Look, somebody is looking for me for four years, somebody is looking for me for 5 years, look, I am traveling normally, I don’t have any problem. And I am completely ok with this story. I don’t understand why these hysterical things are happening at all.
c. If you had brain, it wasn’t hard to make money in Moscow doing business. But all business in Moscow then was dirty business. You had to have protection, and protection from your protection. I said ‘I don’t need this. I am smart enough I can make money wherever I go’.
d.Arriving in Africa was like seeing wide-screen motion picture in full color for first time. Bright sky, red soil, colorful birds. Trees blooming in the streets of Maputo. Antelopes and zebras, crocs and monkeys stealing your clothes on the beach. All that with the sunsets and sounds of village drums deep inside your core.
3. Respond by email to Type VOICE OVER ACTOR in the Subject line. Please write a few lines about yourself, specifying your background and voice over experience, if any. Include your contact info, and do not forget to attach the audio sample.
4. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Casting Coordinator Olga Loginova at
Submissions are open from May, 17th, 2013 to June, 5th, 2013

Payment: Paid

Russian actor audition

City or Location of call: nationwide
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