Short Sci Fi Film Casting 2 Senior Citizen Actors 60 to 80 – Paid Los Angeles


Casting Call:

NOVEMBER 14th and 15th

Are you a senior actor, and using the internet? Congratulations!
Your parent or grandparent itching to get back into pictures?
Know any elderly veterans of the screen or stage?

We are a short film looking to cast 2 elderly actors for a science-fiction love story,
shooting THIS WEEKEND and NEXT WEEK, NOVEMBER 16th-20th!

The short is called “Pale Blue,” about an elderly couple living out the last years of their lives… on Mars.

A fantastical, Ray Bradbury-esque concept imagining one possible outcome of the current “one way ticket” to Mars scenario being proposed by the world’s leading space enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Roles (both are leads):

EUGENE – Male, 60s-80s, Caucasian. Tall, thin, gruff. Once a handsome young astronaut, now a weathered, henpecked and stubborn old man. Think Clint Eastwood… on a farm… in space!

MARGIE – Female, 60s-80s, Caucasian. Deceptively harmless-looking, but strong, independent and adorable. One tough cookie. A caretaker and ass-kicker. A real character. Bea Arthur disguised as Betty White… in a spacesuit!

Please send headshots and resumes to the email above and we’ll set you up with an audition at our lovely casting facility in West Hollywood.

A note from the director:
Howdy y’all, my name is Todd. Welcome to “Pale Blue.” This is a very special, personal piece that means a lot to me and to my future in this business. I will be using this to apply to graduate film programs, submit to film festivals, and hope to be able to share the story with my own grandparents, Margie and Eugene, who are 91 and 93, and whose 70th anniversary is coming up soon.

If you’re at all interested, please, come out to the audition. We promise it will be a blast, and you’ll finally get a chance to live out that astronaut fantasy we know you’ve always dreamed of.

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