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Where: Los Angeles, CA
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Type: Web series

I am starting an independent company known as Arkon Productions, LTD., and I am starting its first project, “Silver Shock: The Series”. Please keep in mind that this project is non-profit.

Summary: Teenage prodigy Kyle Zy comes back to life after being stabbed with a crystallized form of a new element called “Zyluxrium (Zi-lux-ree-umm)”. After discovering that he has the ability to conjure lightning, he decides to take on the name “Silver Shock” to take down a military corporation known as LYNX, which is ran by Salvum City’s mayor, Nick Sterling.

“Silver Shock: The Series” will feature six episodes for one season.

I’m currently looking for the initial cast:

Kyle Zy/Silver Shock: Caucasian. Medium body type. An impulsive 17-year-old who tends to joke excessively when nervous, but overall, he’s a decent guy who just loves to protect his city.

Jonah Henderson: Black. Any body type. Kyle’s bestfriend and Silver Shock’s “sidekick”, but he’s the more creative side of Silver Shock. He builds the gadgets that he can use to aid Silver Shock.

Amelia (Amy) Sterling: Caucasian. Any body type. Kyle’s wannabe girlfriend. She’s unaware of Kyle being Silver Shock, or even that he’s still alive. She’s a caring and loving person who likes to look out for her friends.

Nick Sterling/Necrospec: Caucasian. Medium body type. The main antagonist. He’s in his early-forties and has a great ambition for infinite power.

Jack Sterling/Ghost: Caucasian. Medium body type. Late teens. A very skilled fighter and a sharp shooter. By day he’s a play boy. By night, he’s a high-class assassin known to the criminal underworld as “Ghost”.

If you’re interested in auditioning for one of the roles, email me your contact information, picture, basic information (i.e. height, weight, age, ect.) and the character you want to audition for to

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Los Angeles, CA
Please submit to:

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  1. David Arkon

    You can still submit for the auditions until May 13.


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