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By | January 28, 2013


Where: Toronto, Ontario
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Type: Student Films

Director: Braeden Gosse
Producer: Nick Grimshaw

After hearing the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, a failed paranormal investigator believes an alien invasion is coming to earth. He stands in his farmer’s field waiting for the attack that will never come. As the night wears on he begins to feel his life has been a waste. Things take a positive turn when Sasquatch shows up with some uplifting news.

Albert, 30-50 yrs
The protagonist, Albert. Gruff manly type. He’s a hardworking farmer who has been beaten down by the 1930’s and is at the end of his rope. He is a obsessed with the paranormal and desperate to find something more in the universe.

Ralph, 10-14 yrs
Ralph, Albert’s son. Ralph is naive and innocent. He believes everything his father tells him. He doesn’t have a great understanding of what is going on around him. Strong comedic timing.

Sasquatch, 20+ yrs
Sasquatch. Large and commanding, yet soft spoken. Sasquatch is peaceful and nonviolent. Strong comedic timing.

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auditions held at Second City Training Center, Toronto
Monday Jan 28 – 3:45pm-5:45pm
Tuesday Jan 29 – 12:00pm-2:00pm

shooting dates Feb 2-3

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Toronto, Ontario
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