Tyler Perry Auditions – Miami

Tyler Perry will be holding auditions in 2014 for an upcoming TV or film project

These will not be your typical casting call as it will take place on a trip from Miami to the Virgin Islands on board a cruise ship!

Tyler Perry has announced that he will be holding auditions for one of his upcoming projects on a Carnival Cruise. Yes, you read that right, on board a Carnival cruise ship. Tyler Perry is planning to have his casting director on board the ship to hold auditions through the entire trip.

Tyler Perry currently has 3 TV shows running on the OWN network, “For Better or Worse,” “The Haves and the Have Nots,” and “Love Thy Neighbor,”. Perry has stated that at this time he does not know which project the auditions will be for but that they will be auditioning for one of his current TV projects or an upcoming Tyler Perry movie role. More information about what role he will be auditioning for may be available as the March 2014 date gets closer.

The cruise is for a Tom Joyner charity function and will set sail in March of 2014 out of Miami. It will head down to the Virgin Islands. So not only can you take a fantastic trip but you can also audition for Tyler Perry in 2014.

The Tom Joyner foundation helps the African American community with education. The Tom Joyner Foundation helps black colleges, Universities and other educational institutions which have a large African American population with scholarships, endowments and financial help for building improvements at those institutions.

The Tom Joyner foundation has helped almost 30k students and has funded $65 million towards various programs.

Tyler Perry Auditions 2014

Tyler Perry had this to say about this audition cruise:
“I’m sure you will have a lot of people that will be good and a lot of people that will be like ‘what the h**l,” and added “But I have a rule – you have to audition after you have a few drinks. That’s going to really tell the truth right there,’ he says. ‘If you don’t drink, that’s fine, I want you have about 10 cups of coffee and four Mountain Dews and come on up there and do your audition.”

The Fantastic Voyage 2014

Sunday, March 16-23, 2014 – Carnival Conquest
Departure port: Miami, Florida Ports of call: Nassau, St. Thomas, Grand Turk

About the Fantastic Voyage:

The Fantastic Voyage is the Tom Joyner Foundation’s major fundraiser, offering more than 3,500 guests each year for the past 12 years the opportunity to take a cruise to help raise money to keep students in HBCUs. The annual event features seminars and workshops on topical issues, including discussions with black college presidents and alumni as well as more than 30 performers and an art auction where the works of internationally renowned black artists are donated to the Foundation. To learn more about this year’s cruise and book it, go to fantasticvoyage.blackamericaweb.com.



By The Way, Tyler Perry has a new movie coming out “A Madea Christmas” – Check out the trailer:


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  1. Vinisha Dow

    Hey my name is Vinisha Dow. I am 19 years old living on my own. I stand 5’3 and I weigh 145, I’m an even brown tone with dark brown hair that’s all natural no weave no perms. I have been struggling to get my foot in the door with a real audition. I tend to get auditions and pass with flying colors. However the problem normally resorts due to the fact by the end of the audition I am finding out that the audition was simply an audition to help lead me to other auditions for a $900 fee if not more.

    I’ve applied for any and everything that has to deal with a Tyler Perry audition but I’m getting no responses. All I need is a chance for a real audition. The cruise auditions Tyler’s hosting is great it really is but I don’t have thousands to kick out for a cruise. I was homeless a few months ago and couldn’t get help if help came my way. I eventually landed a job at a temp service and was able to get an apartment some used furniture which I appreciate and a computer; however now we’ve run out of work so they had to let me go. I’m about to loose everything I’ve worked for and i just can’t go back to being homeless I can’t. I’ve been searching for a better job but no one in High Point NC is hiring and I mean nobody. I have a month before I’m evicted and I’m seeing no luck. All I need is an audition because I know I have nothing but potential. I sit on this computer all day searching for jobs and opportunities then I spend several more hours praying and walking into job facilities and I still cannot seem to get a break. I truly think that this is the most I’ve ever cried in my life and the most that I’ve ever put out.

    I remember I called Dominos the other day to tell them I haven’t ate in 2 days and I’m starving. I told them that I didn’t want much just a small cheese pizza or a slice whatever they had to offer and I’d walk to come get it. Smh the owner then replied I would but this is a business not charity then he hung up the phone.

    I guess until you’re the one out on your luck you don’t know how it feels to try so hard and still be rejected without a chance. Please just one audition, I have many talents. I write all genres and I love to most definitely love to write poetry. I also make music and from time to time I enjoy sketching. I am an amazing actress but you’ll never know until you give me a chance. Please help me, thank you!

    1. Sarah Drake

      Hi Vinisha, the reason you may not be getting responses is because most of the casting calls only consider locals. Tyler Perry shows film in Atlanta and since you do not live in Atlanta, you may not be considered. If you are looking for work as an extra, be sure to only apply to the ones in your area. In general extra work does not pay much… maybe $65 for the day and people who live too far may need to spend more than that just to get there.

      Best of luck.

  2. ciera Bostick

    Hello Tyler Perry my name is Ciera, I was watching you when you started your plays, throwback family reunion is my fave, I’ve seen it 1, 000× “, I’m 22 I haven’t had what I felt like this is my chance in life yet, so I haven’t acted before, I come from a poor family but I can cry on call. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, I’m not pretentious I try to be myself as much as possible, when I’m trying to impress, I may step it up a notch, but you said you like people to have a drink before they audition. I think that’s so out of the box and I think you are right, it brings out the inner diva in people even if their not trying to show it, lol. Well I wont write you a book even though I could. I would love this chance and if I don’t hold a spot in performing I would appreciate the opportunity.

  3. latonya

    I’m a non-union actress seeking to further my career.



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