UK game show “Break the Safe”

BBC just announced that “Break The Safe” will be coming back for another season in 2014 and producers are seeking contestants to go on the game show and go after the 100k.

The show will return to BBC One, The National Lottery: Break the Safe, will be on Saturday nights. The show is produced by Thames Scotland which is part of the Fremantle Media powetrhouse which also brings us the shows “The X Factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Break the Safe is hosted by Nick Knowles who guides 3 pairs of contestants through the game to maybe win the huge £100,000 prize. During the show, 3 couples go through question and answer segments to determine which couple will go after “The Safe”. The safe holds £100,000 – however, the pairs may or may not play for the full 100k. How much the game show contestants go depends on how many questions and answers they got correct in previous rounds and every question they answer correctly gets them more money towards the end. However, knowledge alone is not enough to win all that cash, contestants also need great timing to know when to break the safe.

This is a UK game show airing on BBC (A British TV Station), so only UK residents are eligible to apply!

Here is the BBC casting notice for “break the Bank:
We’re looking for pairs of contestants for a new series of the National Lottery Saturday night quiz show Break the Safe, hosted by Nick Knowles.
Break the Safe will see three pairs of contestants battle it out for a potential £100,000.
If you and somebody you know really well have the nerve, skill and general knowledge to ‘break the safe’ we’d love to hear from you.

UK - BBC game show "Break The Safe"

To apply
Age limit: Applicants must be 18 years of age and over.
If you would like to apply for the show please phone or email us and include a telephone number if emailing. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to answer all the applicants individually.
Phone: 0141 427 8160

or you can email the below address for information

The show will be returning to BBC One on Saturday nights Suzy Lamb, The shows executive producer had this to say…

“We loved series one! Not only was it exciting and nerve wracking for our contestants in the studio – the viewers at home watching felt the tension too! We’re really looking forward to bringing the show back to screens for Saturday nights“

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