Actors Needed for Short Film in Wisconsin


Casting Call for Short Film “While You Were Away

Location: Watertown, Wisconsin

Type: Student Films

Detective-style short film featuring 6 main characters. Sample Character Profiles below.

1 Male: Age 40, “About average, thick body mass, Carter Greyson is a detective for the Chicago Police department, and the husband of Mary London. He got out of the military at twenty seven and settled down with Mary at Twenty Nine. His former military backing makes him disciplined, but the influence of being a detective has made him lax. Nevertheless, he is still a very efficient investigator, and one of the best in the station. Some could say that he has lost a step, but he hasn’t shown any falter yet.”

1 Male: Age 45, “Samuel Grigs is a sergeant on the police force and a part of the swat team. He is married and lives in the suburbs of Chicago.”

1 Male: Age 34-36, “Handsome, slick, smooth, smart, Steve West is one of the best therapists in his firm. He treats mostly married couples and obsesses over the idea of the perfect family. He is unmarried. He lives in a home in the country during most weekends, and an apartment in the city during the week.”

1 Female: “Mary Rose London wants a good father for Timothy, her son. She will do anything to make sure he is safe and has a good life. ”

1 Male: Age 22, “Young, newly promoted detective, handsome, and intelligently observant, Joshua Richards is Greyson’s new partner and shadow until he gets experience under his belt. He lives with his wife Sherry Richards in the suburbs outside of Chicago”

1 Young Male: Age 6-7, “A child, innocent, smart, perceptive, observant, stubborn, has a fiery passion in him.”

If you are interested in being a part of this incredible journey of film, please contact us for more information! All contacts must be submitted by January 16, 2015. Auditions will be held one week following the end of submissions.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Watertown, Wisconsin
Please submit to: by 2015-01-16

This casting notice was posted by: Jonathan Williquette Pictures and Heritage Films

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