Satirical/Educational web series pilot

looking for an actress

Location: Knoxville TN

Guardian Angel Productions is creating a pilot for a new educational series, aimed at middle and high schoolers ~ a Bill Nye the Science Guy equivalent for the social sciences and history. Check out our trailer at

We are currently looking for an actress to star in a small but crucial scene, in which the actress will have an opportunity to play a character satirizing celebrities & celebrity culture.

Thespian must be able to speak in a convincing New York or New Jersey accent for this role, or in some other voice that sounds appropriately snotty (think the Kardashians or the cast of Jersey Shore).

The actress must also be available for filming, which will tentatively take place the afternoon or evening of April 22nd. Shooting will take place at the University of Tennessee Studios in the Communications Building, and should take less than 90 minutes if you are adequately prepared.

The casting call will consist of a cold read of the script over the phone. You will also be given an opportunity to create a character within certain guidelines. Making the character funny and entertaining, as well as the ability to improvise all plus’s. Given how this pilot will be turned into a web series in late 2014, the lucky actress may get a chance to reprise their character in future episodes.

The production will be unpaid, but thespian will get both credit and experience.

If interested, please email resume, picture, contact info, and best times you can be reached to

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