Child and Adult Actors Wanted in Ojai, CA for “A Year With Frog & Toad”

Ojai / Ventura California Theater Auditions

Location: Ojai, CA (Ventura County)

Type: Theater

We are seeking youth and adult, singing and dancing actors to perform in a multi-generational production of A Year With Frog and Toad; An original Broadway musical directed by Gai Jones, in conjunction with Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio.

About the show: A charming “buddy comedy” based on Arnold Lobel’s well-loved books featuring a jazzy score by Robert and Willie Reale. The show follows cheerful Frog, and grumpy Toad (and friends) through a seasonal year, and tells the story of a friendship that endures, learning life lessons along the way. Originally presented on Broadway and nominated for 3 TONY Awards, including Best Musical. 2 Acts, Rated G, Original Broadway Version.

Seeking: Adults: Ages 18 — 40 and Youth: Ages 8+

Year with Frog & Toad

This is an unpaid gig


Frog (Lead)
Male, 18-40, All Ethnicities

confident, good-natured, the natural leader of the friendship; able to accept life as it comes to him; strong, charismatic lead role, balancing both jazz numbers and ballads; voice: light, pleasant baritone; however, one song sits around high G# and A.

Toad (Lead)
Male, 18-40, All Ethnicities

anxious, neurotic, and a tad awkward, but with a very big heart; manages to turn small incidents into ordeals by caring just a little too much; meaty comic lead role with a lot of singing; voice: character voice, but pleasant; mid-range but also needs to be comfortable with high E on staff; ideally, Frog and Toad would haveccontrasting vocal color-type.

Snail (Supporting)
Males & Females, 18+, All Ethnicities

a timid wallflower who undergoes a surprising transformation when entrusted with a task he/she might not be best suited for; always on stage; very high energy, requiring stylized movement and inventive comic ideas; voice: rich, bluesey, show-stopping middle but with a high G#, also C&W high A.

Birds (Supporting)
Female, 18-50, All Ethnicities

3 women, a sassy Andrews Sisters-style trio with distinct personalities that both narrate and participate in the action; a lot of tricky jazz harmonies; voice: must be secure in close part singing and be an independent learner; voices strong and of equal quality; low alto: low F, highest voice, mid-range but also high F on staff.

Turtle (Supporting)
Female, 18-40, All Ethnicities

bossy, sarcastic, and a bit of an instigator; very jazzy; dancing a plus, plays several other characters through the course of the show; versatile comic supporting role; voice: mid-range, close harmony.

Mouse (Supporting)
Female, 18-50, All Ethnicities

plucky, inquisitive; dancing a plus; plays other characters through the show; versatile comic supporting role; voice: high range (A) as Mother Frog.

Lizard (Supporting)
Male, 18-60, All Ethnicities

laid back, amiable; dancing a plus; plays other characters through the show; versatile comic supporting role; voice: high A as Father Frog; tenor in 3-part trio with Mouse and Turtle.

AUDITION SCHEDULE – Please BOOK YOUR AUDITION via email or submit through our audition notice on

Saturday, Dec 6th, 3:00pm — 5:00pm
Sunday, Dec 7th, 7:00pm — 8:00pm
Monday, Dec 8th, 8:00pm – 9:30pm
Callbacks: Tuesday, Dec 9th, 7:00pm — 8:00pm

YOUTH AUDITIONS – (Youth are encouraged to audition for all roles)
Saturday, Dec 6th 2:00pm — 3:00pm
Sunday Dec 7th 6:00pm-7:00pm
Callbacks: Tuesday, Dec 9th 6:00pm — 7:00pm

Please bring:
-A one-page resume
-A head-shot or a picture of your face, which the director keeps
-Bring your calendar for January, February & March. Rehearsals begin in December,
break for 3 weeks and continue January through February. Performances are Fridays-Sundays Feb 20th — March 8th.

Please prepare:
– One-minute of song with CD/iPod/Phone instrumental accompaniment. A Cappela song will be accepted. Ability to sing harmonies a PLUS!
– 30-seconds of dance showcasing your personal style/choreography and any dance training. Jazz and Tap a PLUS!

Your vocal range will be tested at the audition. Sides will be provided.

Please email gai.jones-at-sbcglobal-dot-net BY DECEMBER 3rd with your selected audition time.

REHEARSALS: Dec 11 & 18, 6:00-8:00pm. Jan 5-15: Mon-Thu, 6:00-8:00pm. Jan 19-Feb 3: Mon-Fri, 6:00-8:00pm. Feb 4-7: No rehearsal. Feb 9-12, 16-19, 6:00-9:00pm. There are no absences February 9-19. There will be some 4:00pm – 5:30pm rehearsals and some Saturdays (TBA).

PERFORMANCES: February 20th — March 8th, Friday — Sunday, evenings and matinees.

All Roles available: Frog, Toad, Man Bird, Lady Bird 1, Lady Bird 2, Mouse, Snail, Turtle, Lizard, Squirrel 1, Squirrel 2, Young Frog, Father Frog, Mother Frog, Large and Terrible Frog, Mole 1, Mole 2 and Ensemble of Birds, Moles, Snails, and Squirrels.

Email gai.jones-at-sbcglobal-dot-net BY DECEMBER 3rd to schedule your audition.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Ojai, CA (Ventura County)
Please submit to: by 2014-12-05
Audition/Production Location: OYES, 316 E. Matilija Street, Ojai CA 93023

This casting notice was posted by: Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio

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