Comedic Pilot is Casting NYC Actors for Paid Roles

By | November 6, 2014

Comedy Pilot Presentation

Location: New York City

Type: Web series

MUST BE NY LOCAL HIRE. Please do not submit if you are not available for the audition date.

[KIM] *MALE* ASIAN. Chubby. MUST BE BELIEVABLE AS 16. Speaks with a weird accent, from his British private school days, mixed with Asian inflictions. On a hunt to lose his virginity. Think Kim Yong Sun, if he were in high school. MUST RESEMBLE PICTURE! RATE: $350 per day.

[JP] Male. French. MUST BE BELIEVALE AS 16. French accent preferred. A troublemaker who is overly confident, and a womanizer. Think the son of president Nicolas Sarkozy. Must look as though he can be related. See link: RATE: $200 per day.

[CHEN] Male. ASIAN ONLY. To play age range 55+. Skinny, weak, feeble. Think a butler, or slave. RATE: $200 per day.

[TESS] Female. Blonde. MUST BE BELIEVABLE AS 16. An aspiring fashion designer from Texas. She has been sent to the school by the family trustees as her parents just died in a private plane accident. Bouncy and boisterous. RATE: $200 per day.

[THE COUNTESS] MUST BE BELIEVABLE AS 16. Austrian, English, or Prussian. Must have an elegance and a poise that distinguishes her from Tess. A complete nutjob who should probably be in a mental institution, where she has been a lot of her life prior to her parents buying her into the school. Very noble and classical beauty, with troubled eyes. RATE: $200 per day.

Please email headshot, resume and reel (if applicable) to

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: New York City
Please submit to:

This casting notice was posted by: Roger Paul/Elisa Greenberg

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