Divorce Court Casting Couple Nationwide – Pays $800 + free travel and hotel to L.A.


The new season of ‘Divorce Court’ is casting for bickering couples nationwide.

Those cast for the show will be paid $800 plus receive free travel to the Los Angeles area which includes hotel accommodations and food.

DIVORCE COURT tapes in the Hollywood area but the show is accepting submissions from couples all over the United States.  Are you and your partner struggling through real life drama/heartbreaks and relationship challenges? If so, casting directors for the show would like to hear about for a possible appearance in an episode of the daytime reality court show. Couples can be gay or straight and of any ethnicity in any state.

Is your partner controlling, jealous, bad with money? Are you married or in a relationship with someone who you have caught lying? Would you love some help from ‘Divorce Court‘ judge Lynn Toler?

Divorce Court is a bit of a non-traditional court show. You don’t need to be divorced to go on the show, just in a dispute that you would like resolved. The long running series is produced by Monet Lane Productions and distributed by 20th Television.  The series has actually been on air in some fashion since the 50’s, per Wiki. The show is based on arbitration and tries to settle disputes between couples. Judge Toler stars as… the judge. Lynn Toler is a former Ohio municipal court judge.

New episodes of the show will be filming in Los Angeles in early September and the shoot dates for those who are cast will be between September 3rd and 5th.

If you and your spouse are in need of advice, separation or repair or planning on getting married. Judge Lynn Toler at DIVORCE COURT wants to help!

Nationwide casting call for couples to appear on Divorce Court

Nationwide – Divorce Court TV Show – PAID TRAVEL
Shoots in Los Angeles
Booking talent for Divorce Court!
Rate: 800.00 per couple. Commission already taken out.
All expenses paid: hotel, flight and food expenses paid to shoot in L.A.

Breakdowns: Gay or straight couples, any ethnicity between 21-40 years of age. Must either live, be together or married at least 3 years minimally.

Need couples that are having problems in a relationship and or want a divorce. No one with restraining orders or been convicted of felonies are allowed! Also cannot have been in any other type of divorce court type show. This shoots either September 3rd, 4th or 5th. The couple can reside anywhere in the U.S.!

If you happen to be in a relationship that is on the rocks and or heading for divorce and would like to be on this show, please send me photos, ages, state you reside in and contact number ASAP to talentpowerhouse@gmail.com

Judge Lynn Toler calls them as she sees them and couples are coming to DIVORCE COURT for help from the all-knowing judge.

11 thoughts on “Divorce Court Casting Couple Nationwide – Pays $800 + free travel and hotel to L.A.

  1. Teresa Allen

    I have been married since June 2019. In July I found out my husband was having a double relationship and I confronted both him and the girl. He was texting her at our wedding showing her pics of the Airbnb we stayed in and telling her he was on a work trip. She did not know but now she does. All this week he has been lying saying his phone was in the shop because he broke it. Well I found the phone and low and behold he and the chick have still been in communication. He had moved from Houston to Dallas and he was telling her he should have never moved. I told him to leave and he keeps saying he don’t want to go. I am miserable sad and stupid for laying my trust in him. He told her just the other day that he should not have left Houston. I need him to go for my sanity please help I need a divorce.

  2. Yacouba Bakayoko

    I’m interested, to surprise my wife for the TV show divorce. I’m 35 years old and my wife Nancy Koudougnon is 30 years old. We live in new York city and we being married for 10 years. Now she is asking for divorce. And requesting judge Lynn Toler. Is a long story and interesting story. Hope he next generation will learn and takes example.

  3. Beatrice Henderson

    Since I want a divorce from my husband, what TV court room judge will hear our case by us being in our 50’s?

  4. Cheronda R.Duncan

    I understand I just want to show my husband he can be touched, PLEASE consider us to be on your show.

  5. Cheronda R.Duncan

    I got married on 9/10/2018 and on 9/11/18 my husband put me and locked me out of our it was his place and I moved in with him. Once I said I do everything changed the ceremony was held at the court house we were in shorts gym shoes and flip flops we went to dinner my husband was very loud and rude and disrespectful to me at dinner. Long story short we get married on 9/10/18 and on the morning of 9/11/18 l was put out and locked out my husband said he wasn’t ever going to put me out nor would he lock me out ever and that’s what he did on 9/11/18 because I asked him to take me for a ride because we were in our apartment with the room door closed for 2 hours while Kenneth my husband me so many government documents and certificate he had obtained while working for the government I got overwoverwhelmed and cried because people of my error hasn’t fought for anything and with everything Kenneth showed me I had to get out and get some air long story short my husband got upset when I asked to visit a friend to minutes so I asked to go get cigarettes the friend was at the store I made my purchase and we walk to my car chatting husband shows up 7 minutes at the store sees me talking to said friend he tired to drive I said no he stopped I entroduced he to said friend friend to husband they said nice to met you I told him I’m on my way home he drove off I showed friend were we lived friend drove off I went inside I haven’t been with my husband sense 9/11/18 and I want to why he married me we said forever he had me quit my job promises he would pay for me to go to school to get my docern as a physicist and he would take care of me and sure I had everything that I needed laptop books internet he would my bills and do the cooking and cleaning so I wouldn’t have any distractions he said I didn’t have to worry about anything he would take care of me and whatever I need. Kenneth wants my wedding ring I told him no it’s mine he bought this ring for me and asked me to marry him in front of the women where he bought the ring and he put it on my finger. Kenneth has our marriage certificate he has my ID which I got a duplicate of he states I have his military ID when he clearly had his and mines when the judge asked to see them. I want answers why did he choose me why does he tell me he is in love with me and love makes a person do werd and crazy things he says he crazy about me and I’m his light so it’s been very dark because I haven’t been with my husband since 9/11/18 he changed his number so I was going everyday to see if we could talk he said if any judge rules in my favor he would have the judges job by the end of that day because he’s very good a deceiving people he can manipulate everyone to believe he’s helpless veteran that has been taken advantage of by me he said he’s been doing this for the past 26 years that’s why he can do whatever he wants to anyone and I don’t have enough education to go against him. Please help me show my husband he can be touched

  6. Monique Cox

    Hello I need a divorce for my ex-husband because we got married in 2003 and we’ve been separated since 2008. Now he don’t want to get a divorce. I’m 39 and he is he’s 50 years old so I’m trying to get a divorce for him because I don’t need to keep prolonging the situation. I just want to be free so I can go on with my life. I know I qualify, but I don’t think he wants to be on the show. I just need help, please, please, please, help me.

  7. David Moody

    I really respect Judge Lynn Toler and I want to know if I’m doing the right thing by marrying my fiance. We will probably be in divorce courts history the longest couple to ever get married we known each other since 1981 and I live there for 27 years and we’ve been talking about getting married. I’m just a little unsure and I respect the judge’s decision so it would be very helpful and beneficial to be on before eyeballs episode

  8. jamille patton

    I need a divorce. She left me for dead 2 yrs ago and I want alimony for her deserting me, help.

  9. Carol Hodge

    My age is 41 and my soon to be ex husband is about to be 40. I would really like a divorce from my spouse. We’ve been married for 9 years. 3 years ago I caught him cheating with my daughter.

  10. Lisa norwood

    I need to be on the show to get my husbands issues delt with and get us divorced.

  11. Larry Robinson

    I am very interested, but I’m afraid I don’t meet the age requirement. I am 44 and my wife, just turned 46. If you still want us, we would love to appear on the show.


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