HSN Makeup show casting Florida models

By | June 13, 2014

Casting directors for HSN are seeking Orlando / St Petersburg / Tampa area models for a Carmindy Makeup live show.

The show will be filming in St. Petersburg, Florida later this month.

The Diamond Agency is seeking the following:

Carmindy Makeup (Pre-Produced Shoot & Live Show)

Casting Room: Blue Meeting Room

LIVE Shoots Generally Pay In The Range of
$90-150 PER SHOW (Depending on Vendor)

If booked, this B&A will shoot : Pre-Produced shoot: 6/19 from 9 am-5 pm; Live Show: 6/28-30
Models cannot have done another makeup line live show or B/A in the past 3 months. They also cannot currently be working for another makeup line partner at HSN.

Model must go to the call with no makeup on their faces. Don’t use any skincare products that day. They need very dry looking skin, in need of moisture. Products will be tested on models at the casting!

Please bring comp card and/or snapshot with you.

Products: Carmindy Makeup

Model description for 5-minute Face:

Female models ages: 25+
Medium to dark skin tones
Model description for Game Changer Foundation:

Female models ages: 25+
Challenged skin, uneven tone, acne scars, redness, etc.
Model description for Carma blur:

Female models ages: 25+
Mild wrinkles, skin imperfections, large pores, oily
Model description for Vanish Concealer:

Female models ages: 25+
Red spots, dark under eyes, dark spots
Model description for Lip Gloss Wardrobe:

Female models ages: 25+
Dry lips & attractive
Model description for Deflection Correction Stick:

Female models ages: 25+
Red spots, dark under eyes, dark spots
Model description for Elevate Mascara:

Female models ages: 25+
Long, lush lashes- light lashes a plus!

DRESS: Nice, Upscale Casual
Interested in attending?
Confirm to Kelley @ Diamond
(Once you email to confirm attendance, you are good to go. Should there be a problem with you attending, you will recieve further correspondence.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Models are not permitted to bring Children or any additional people with them to the casting or on property. If anyone needs to drop models off, they will have to wait for them in the car across the street off campus.

2 thoughts on “HSN Makeup show casting Florida models


    I previously wrote about my desire to work with Carmindy in the future. I want to mention that I am 53, have dark spots, dark under the eyes, and dry skin (especially the cheeks) ~ so, I feel I would fit in any area needed.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Laura Tobler


    It is 7/22. I have wanted to work with Carmindy for a LONG time. I have been emailing her in the past. I JUST received this June post. I would like to work with her. I live near Orlando, Florida. I will be able to travel. Is there another chance to work with her? Please respond.
    Thank you in advance,
    Laura Tobler


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