The HUB “Family Game Night” Now Casting Families

Get on Season 5 of “Family Game Night”!

Family Game Night” is coming back to the Hub network for another fun season of the game show.

Do you think your family should be contestants on the show? If you do, here is a chance to get cast on the game show and maybe win some great prizes.
Are you and your kids ready to have a great time and compete? Apply to be on the show. Casting directors for The Hub network are looking for families that contain at least 2 adults and at least 1 child that is between the ages of 8 and 15. If you get selected to participate the rest of your family is welcome to be a part of the audience. Please note that kids need to be at least 7 years of age to be allowed into the audience.

Family Game Night brings the classic board games that you love to TV. Contestants on the show will compete in giant, life-size versions of the classic games such as MONOPOLY, BATTLESHIP, BOP IT! Boptagon, JENGA, BARREL OF MONKEYS, CONNECT 4 Basketball, YAHTZEE, OPERATION, SORRY!, and SIMON FLASH – now that’s a Family Game Night!

Family Game Night Season 5 coming soon

To apply for the show, you can follow the instructions on the below audition flyer, or call the producers at the phone number listed towards the end. Auditions for families will begin shortly but you must call or email the show to be considered for an audition slot. The show’s producers will be contacting families they would like to meet very soon!

Casting call flyer for Family Game Night

Sign your family up today for a night (or day) of games they will never forget!

Regardless of whether your family wins or loses, all families that play will get to choose a Community Chest Combination for a chance to play in the Crazy Cash Round. Each family will take turns entering their Combination into the Community Chest. Only one family will have the winning Combination. If it opens the Community Chest, that family will play in the Crazy Cash Round for cash, and a chance to win a brand new car!

Parents, if you are interested in submitting your family for a chance at this once in a lifetime experience, call (747) 201-3200  and let us know why you and your family would be perfect for the show. Kids need to get their parents to apply.

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    this is one of my favorite shows.

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    It is a good game!

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