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Good Food Co. TV WEB Series

Location: Jersey City NJ

Type: Web series

Good Food CO.
Casting Call
Written by TR Burns
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Summary: Good Food Co. is a comedy series based around the restaurant called Good Café .The star of the show is Wanda Jackson, an African American business owner that loves to cook, sell food and gossip about the people that gather around her restaurant. Good Food Co will feature weekly show themes based around current events and life. All actors must be comfortable with doing comedy improvisation.

Character Breakdown:

Character 1: Wanda Jackson
Age 39
Character personality: Wanda is a very nosy and a gossiping person, but in-spite of that many time you will find her giving good advice and wisdom. She has a son named Bruce and she feels guilty because he does not know his father so she spoils him. She has a crush on the food delivery guy, but they both can’t seem to make a move on each other so they just flirt.

Character 2: Bruce
Age 20

Character Personality: Bruce is a young guy trying to find himself. Each week he has a different thing he wants to pursue; from being a rapper to being a professional break dancer. Bruce works at the restaurant from time to time when he is not pursuing his many passions. His mother is Wanda the Good Food Café owner they constantly get into these debates about life.

Character 3: Rico Santiago
Age 32-37

Character Personality: Rico always refers to himself in the 3rd person. He is from Mexico, but he’d rather tell people he’s from Puerto Rico. Rico is the cook at the Good Food Café. He and Wanda argue over the seasoning and she hates that he talks Spanglish. Rico has a complex because he has been trying to get his green card, but he keeps failing the test due to being unable to remember the pledge of allegiance.

Character 4: Jackie
Age 31-34

Character Personality: Jackie is a waitress at the Good Food Café. She stays talking about the people that eat at the Café. She has mild bipolar disorder. Only when she is waitressing she will be very nice to the customer face, but then when she goes into the kitchen, she turns into her altar personality ANITA.

Character 5: Sudan
Age 25-29

Character personality: Sudan is the resident activist Black Panther. He thinks he is from Iraq, but he grew up spending his whole life in Jersey City NJ. He is a server at the restaurant, but he is horrible at customer service. He eats the customer’s food, hits on men’s wives and starts fights. The only reason Wanda keeps him around is because he is her nephew and is on parole because he refuses to pay the white man’s child support. Sudan has 7 kids with 7 different women.

Character 6: Grindman
Age – Open

Character Personality: Grindman is a street hustler that hustles candy and odds and in’s; what ever he can find to sell. Grindman will hustle a bag of skittles all week; he will sell one skittle out of the pack at a time.

Character 7: The food delivery guy Sam

New Jersey casting for web series

First Episode extras needed with that have line

1. 4 guys that can play stuck up white boy type

2. Two people that can play a married couple

NON- Speaking Actors Needed
7 Extras for random tables at the restaurant.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Jersey City NJ
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