Lots of Open Roles on NBC’s “Constantine”

By | November 5, 2014

Constantine” has a casting call out for tons of roles in Atlanta

The new comic based series is in the process of filming season 1 which premiered last month on NBC.

The available extras roles are listed below, please note that some of them do require an overnight shoot and that the dates differ depending on the role. “Constantine” films in the Atlanta, Georgia area and you must be a local or live within a reasonable driving distance in order to be considered for the roles.

Constantine” is based on the “Hellblazer” comics in which a man named John Constantine turns into a fighter of evil. John Constantine will be played by Matt Ryan. The show will be directed by Neil Marshal. Also starring in the new show are Harold Perrineau, and Charles Halford.

New casting call on NBC's "Constantine"



1. Atlanta Police
You can submit if you have worked as Atlanta Police before
Shoot Date: Friday – November 7th, 2014 *overnight shoot*
Subject Line: Police

2. Junkies
Males with Thin Zombie Type Looks, Character Faces, Facial Hair, Beards, Etc…
Shoot Date: Friday – November 7th, 2014 *overnight shoot*
Subject Line: Junkie

3. Pimp Mobile – Low Rider – Supped Up Vehicle
*Please include a picture and information about your car.*
Shoot Date: Friday – November 7th, 2014 *overnight shoot*
Subject Line: Pimp Ride

4. Reoccurring Hospital Staff – Doctors
Shoot Date: November 11th(Tuesday), 13th(Thursday)
Subject Line: Doctor 2 Day Booking

5. Reoccurring Hospital Staff – Orderlies
Shoot Date: November 11th(Tuesday), 13th(Thursday)
Subject Line: Orderly 2 Day Booking

6. Reoccurring Hospital Staff – Nurses
Shoot Date: November 11th(Tuesday), 12th(Wednesday), 13th(Thursday)
Subject Line: Nurse 2 Day Booking

7. Reoccurring Hospital Patients
Shoot Date: November 11th(Tuesday), 13th(Thursday)
Subject Line: Patient 2 Day Booking

8. Hospital Staff – EMTs
Shoot Date: November 11th(Tuesday)
Subject Line: EMT 11

9. Hospital Staff – Janitor
Shoot Date: Novembers 11th(Tuesday)
Subject Line: Janitor 11

10. New Hospital Staff – Orderlies
Shoot Date: November 14th(Friday) *overnight shoot*
Subject Line: Orderly 14

11. New Hospital Staff – Nurses
Shoot Date: November 14th(Friday) *overnight shoot*
Subject Line: Nurse 14

12. New Hospital Staff – EMTs
Shoot Date: November 14th(Friday) *overnight shoot*
Subject Line: EMT 14

13. New Hospital Staff – Doctors
Shoot Date: November 14th(Friday) *overnight shoot*
Subject Line: Doctor 14

14. New Hospital Staff – Security Guard
Shoot Date: November 14th(Friday) *overnight shoot*
Subject Line: Guard 14

Please Include 3 photos of yourself:
– 1 Head shot style
– 1 Medium Length
– 1 Full Length

These photos should have been taken recently and MUST reflect exactly what you currently look like (well lit & in focus)
Please Include 3 photos of yourself:
– 1 Head shot style
– 1 Medium Length
– 1 Full Length

Please Submit to the email below and include the following:
1. Legal Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email
4. Age
5. Height
6. Weight
7. Hair Color
8. Top Size
9. Tattoos (Yes/No – Location on Body)
10. Pant Size
11. Shoe Size
12. Current City
13. Car (Year/Color/Make/Model)


4 thoughts on “Lots of Open Roles on NBC’s “Constantine”

  1. Cheri Newman


    I apologize for offending you. That was not my intent. I thought I was looking in the new section, but it must have been the archives. I say that because I would see a notice for a gig, say on the 8th, and figuring it meant November, when I opened it, it was October. That is what I meant by an audition site–one within your site. I misworded what I meant to say. So I will try the homepage like you suggest.

    I do see all the work you put into this site at all hours of the day and night (you must be a late-nighter like me) and I do appreciate that. I mentioned my ex because he lives there right now since Atlanta is quickly becoming the new Hollywood and I could stay with him if I got something. In fact, I have only applied for gigs out-of-state or-the-area where I know someone I can stay with and be considered a local. A production is certainly not going to set-up an extra.

    Also, I would like you to know that I don’t blame people for not getting something or for a mistake I made. This was my error and I so apologize. In addition, I don’t like to ask my ex to get me work because I think that is taking advantage of him. I mentioned him only because he works on the show and I could stay with him if I got it myself.

    I hope you can accept my apology. I don’t like to offend people.

    Thank you.


    1. erica Post author

      Thank you! I did not mean to come off harsh, just frustrated I guess. I get so many angry messages..,. people who apply and don’t get a role, people who are angry that whatever movie isn’t filming in their town, etc… the list goes on. So I may have taken a bit of that out on you…. so sorry. I put up notices as they come in and yes, it’s all hours. It’s just a rolling list with newest stuff on the home page then moving on down. The different notices have different deadlines. For example, a company sent in a notices today for an open call coming up in January 2015. Those will hit the archive long before the actual audition, and there are many like that. It’s all free, production companies post for free and talent can do what they want with the info. I really just don’t have the resources to do a “projects closing today” type of section. So, I just hope users can navigate the listings and check the dates. I try to get production companies to post a closing date… but 90% just skip that part.

      As for the extra calls, those are always short notice except for the initial ones which are trying to gather up a database of talent before filming starts. The large productions are ongoing and need people weekly. If there is one from a few days or weeks back, you have the contact info and can probably contact them or join their roster. Just a suggestion…. they normally do not consider anyone out of state or with an out of state number so you may need to take that in consideration as to why they may not be booking you. Sorry about the ex husband comment. I know many people who work on those productions have no clue as to whats casting. I am in L.A. and most the people I know work in the industry. 2 friends work on the same reality show and needed me to get the open call schedule for the show THEY work on, lol.

      Anyway, thank you so much for the apology! It has made my day because I do spend so much time trying to get the info out as quickly as I can.

      Best of luck to you Cheri!

  2. Cheri Newman


    Conor McCullagh who does special make-up f/x on Constatine is my ex-husband and now good friend. I have no problem driving to Georgia and staying with him. However, this site is about a month outdated, I do have a non-exclusive agent through Azuree Talent Agency in Orlando, but they don’t seem to be getting notices on time. I really need to build up my portfolio, so I was hoping you could put me in touch with a better audition site or even the vesting director. I am SAG eligible (need to catch-up on my dues) and I model, I’d be grateful for any advanced notices.
    Thank you.

    1. erica Post author

      Wow… you have a few accusations which are way out of line. The extras call you commented on on this page was released on the 5th of this month, it was posted that same day… probably within a few hours and seems to be a casting for a shoot on the 7th. Extras casting calls are always a rush with most looking for people available like now, tomorrow or a few days later. They simply do not release extras calls for specific roles months ahead. To say that this is a month outdated is quite inaccurate given the urgency factor in almost all extras calls. You also mention that the agent that works for you also does not supply notices on time…. I din’t even know agents handled extras but since you do pay an agent, that may be an issue between you and them. “Constantine” puts out calls many times a week. Now, you want me to steer you to a “better audition site” or get you in touch with the director to give you advance notice?? There really is no advance notice in extras work unless it is a specialty booking. Since your ex hubby works on the show, maybe he has some inside info that the rest of us don’t. BTW, for the latest info, try the home page and not the archive.

      I hope I do not come off too critical, but I am always amazed by messages, comments and other correspondence from people who are unhappy about things such as applying and not getting the role, location too far from them, productions not filming in their states, not enough notice, etc. You must understand that I do not control any of that and have no say so in where, when or how something films. Luckily, I get just as many from people thanking me for the info that got them the gig… and that makes it all worth it!


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