“Max Steel” casting teens & young adults in NC


Max Steel” will begin filming in Wilmington shortly and Marty Sui Casting in Wilmington is looking for adult extras who can pass as being teens as well as teens who are 16 to 18.

The casting directors announced via their FB  page that 90% of all extras that they will be using are going to be  teens.

Unlike the Disney XD animated version of “Max Steel”, this project will be a live action movie. Ben Winchell and Ana Villafañe will be starring and Ben will be taking the role of super hero, Max McGareth, AKA Max Steel. The name “Max Steel” comes from a combination of Max McGareth and his alien buddy called Steel. When the 2 combine, they create the turbo charged teen super hero.

Max Steel” is being produced by MATTEL, DOLPHIN and OPEN ROAD. The movie is scheduled for a 2015 release date and will be filming in Wilmington through June.  IMDB is reporting that the project will be produced by Bill O’Dowd and Julia Pistor.

More specifics will be available soon, but for now casting directors would like those interested to submit their photo and contact info. The film will begin production in Wilmington at the end of the month and if you are interested in working as an extra on “Max Steel”, you would need to be available in Wilmington at that time.

These are extra roles, so please only submit if you are local to the area and would not need to travel far.

teen extras for Max Steel

MAX STEEL heads up: 90% of our background actors for this feature film will be teenagers, who are ages 16-19. We will film for approximately 5 weeks, starting on April 29th. Some of you we will only need one day, while we may need others for several days during the week. Heads up for homeschoolers, or kids in drama/art classes. Please let your instructors know ahead of time if you will be submitting for this project & seek their permission to receive make-up work early.

MAX STEEL: Some of our “High schoolers” will be picture picked by our director for specific scenes. To get a headstart on this, I’m asking for submissions today (you will not receive a reply until next week). PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT IF YOU FIT THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION & are available the days requested: If you are a teenager who is at least 16 years old, or if you are a 20 yr old who truly looks between the ages of 16-18, please email your photo, contact info, & current age, to me at: maxsteelextras@gmail.com, with the heading “HIGH SCHOOL STUDNET, plus your age” in the subject line. (Ex: “High School Student – age 17).

These scenes are currently scheduled for Friday, May 2nd, and Saturday, May 3rd, in Wilmington, N.C. Some selected would work both days, some just one day, so please also let us know if you are available for one or both days.

PLEASE LABEL YOUR PHOTO WITH YOUR NAME before uploading it to your email.

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