“Memoirs of the Macabre” web series Casting in New Jersey

Memoirs of the Macabre web series

Location of casting call: Sewell, NJ
This is a non paid job.

Supraliminal Films is looking to cast for the sixth episode of Season 3 of Memoirs of the Macabre. We are looking to cast 8 roles within the episode. We will be shooting October 11th.

The episode is an homage to 80’s slasher movies. It involves 8 campers getting chased down and killed by a supernatural force. It has lots of scares and special make-up effects. We are looking for actors to bring our killer to life by making him a true killing machine.

We are going to have the shoot take place over the course of 1 day, evening and night. We will need actors who are fine reacting to, and comfortable around special effects make-up. We are shooting in HD and we’ll be releasing on YouTube as well as other platforms once the episodes are released.

In addition to exposure, we will be compensating all actors for travel as well as providing craft services and catering on location. Basically, we are looking for actors who are interested in having a good time or expanding their horizons. The description of what is needed for each role is listed below.

To view our other works and previous episodes of our web-series, please visit www.supraliminalfilms.com/memoirs.

Sewell New Jersey production

Character Descriptions:

Phil- Male, 18-24. Phil is smart and quick thinking, a natural leader of the group.
Keith- Male, 18-24. A wisecracker and the clown of the group.
Brent- Male, 18-24. When the going gets tough, Brent gets running away despite a macho bravado.
Albert- Male, 18-24. Easy going and fun-loving, Albert is all heart.

Wendy- Female 18-24. Wendy is easy going and out to have fun.
Gigi- Female 18-24. Gigi is easily the wet blanket of the group valuing relaxation over adventure.
Tasha- Female 18-24. Is very concerned that all the group members have a good time.
Linda- Female 18-24. Out for a good time and ready for fun, Linda is happy to be there.

To audition please e-mail casting@supraliminalfilms.com with a resume and headshot. Please only audition if you are able to make the shoot date. Once we receive your resume and head-shot we will respond with the audition day and time. Thanks!

Please submit to before September 25th

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