‘The Messengers’ is casting featured extras in Albuquerque, New Mexico

‘The Messengers’ is looking for to cast some featured spots in Albuquerque where the show is currently filming its first season.

The show is looking for extras to play featured international delegates. All ethnicities are needed between the ages of 25 and 65. They are going for an upscale, professional look. Also, they are seeking adult twin males and an Asian poker player type.

This will be another show in the CW’s well established supernatural / fantasy genre. ‘The Messengers‘ stars Shantal VanSanten, Diogo Morgado, JD Pardo, and Joel Courtney. ‘The Messengers‘  is set to premiere on the CW network later this fall.  ‘The Messengers‘ will be be produced by Basil Iwanyk who worked on ‘The Clash Of The Titans‘, Thunder Road Productions and CBS TV Studios. ‘Teen Wolf‘ writer, Eoghan O’Donnell is also writing is writing for the show.

The show begins with a very mysterious crash. An object falls to Earth in the New Mexico desert causing a strange pulse that kills some people. Those people later find themselves alive again and with a new mission of stopping something horrible that is supposed to happen.

CW’s description of the show starts with the following passage…

“And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.”
(Revelation 9)

In the white-hot sun of the New Mexico desert, scientist Vera Ivanov watches in fascination as a mysterious object plummets to Earth and explodes in a blinding flash, sending out a shock wave that briefly stops her heart. But Vera is not the only one affected by the blast: she is instantly and mysteriously connected to four other strangers, who also collapse only to miraculously come back to life hours later.

New CW series "The Messengers" now casting extras

Those interested can apply to the following casting call for featured extras.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM Casting Notice – CW series “THE MESSENGERS’ for work on various dates

NEW FACES who have not yet worked on this project!
Pay rate for EXTRAS is $68.80 for 8 hours ($8.60/hour with an 8 hour guarantee). Overtime will be paid after 8 hours. You will receive a check in the mail 7-10 business days AFTER you work.
We do NOT yet have Call Times so you should have FULL and flexible availability to work ALL day. ALL day is 12 hours +.
Location is in the ALBUQUERQUE, NM area.


INTERNATIONAL DELEGATES: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 25-65, professional, upscale – should represent a variety of regions such as Saudi Arabia, India Japan, China, Africa, Brazil. Weds. 9/10/14 -AND- Thurs. 9/11/14. *MUST be available BOTH dates, NO Exceptions!

SUMMIT ATTENDEES-male and female, all ethnicities, age range 25-65, professional, upscale WITH BUSINESS ATTIRE! Works Thurs 9/11/14

ADULT TWIN MEN: Male all ethnicities 25-60 y/o Professional business look —No date yet But will shoot between 9/12-9/22 – Please send picture of both you together

ASIAN MALE POKER PLAYERS: Male 25-60 y/o upscale **HIGH ROLLERS**- knows how to play TEXAS HOLDEM – No date yet But will shoot between 9/12-9/22 – Please send picture of both you together

To submit for work – Please EMAIL US ASAP to: themessengerscast@gmail.com with subject line FEATURED EXTRAS (specify role). You MUST include your first and last name & contact number. MUST also have a recently updated (within the past 6 months) talent profile in the OLC database! Your photo MUST be good quality, facing forward, NO sunglasses and you must be the only person in your picture!!

**PLEASE DO NOT send more than one email! PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IF YOU ARE NOT a “NEW FACE”!!
PLEASE DO NOT email if you don’t fit these casting requirements or are not available on the listed work date!! Thanks!
If you have friends or family that fit this decscription but do not have a profile with us, please have them go to www.onlocationcasting.net and complete a Talent Application before sending email that you are available. It is FREE to register and you do not have to have a paid ‘active’ account in order to be booked for work.

Here’s a creepy pic of Diogo Morgado as The Man – According to the CW fan page… The wheels of Revelation have begun to turn!

The Messengers is coming to the CW Network this fall

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