New VH1 Series “Hindsight” Extras Casting Call in Atlanta


A new series called “Hindsight” will be coming to the network soon.

The show is now in production in the Atlanta area and there is an extras call out for a variety of roles (see below).  VH1?s ‘Hindsight‘ is just beginning production and will join VH1’s lineup of shows in early 2015.  The show will be executive produced by VH1?s head of development Susan Levison.

The series films in Atlanta but is actually set in New York City. It tells the story of a middle aged woman who wakes up to find that she has a second chance to fix the mistakes she made when she was younger. Becca,(Laura Ramsey) is about to turn 30 and getting married for a second time. She realizes she misses her friend who she lost touch with years ago and thinks about her first failed marriage. Becca wakes up and then realizes she is somehow back in the past. It’s the 90?s again and she has a second chance to make things right. She is now back in the 90?s and needs to adjust herself to her new surroundings.

VH1's new scripted series, 'Hindsight' is beginning production in Atlanta, Georgia


Casting for a Halloween Party Set in 1993!
(Casting for all ages, but must be at least 18!!)
Must be available October 6th AND 7th
**Please submit pictures in your costume(s)**
Costumes must be appropriate for 1993, or can be basic like a pumpkin, ghost, ghoul, vampire..etc. 1993 Examples are Curt & Courtney, Ellen & Ann, Scully & Mulden, Bill & Hillary, Frankenstein & Bride, Mickie & Minnie, Thing 1 & Thing 2.

COUPLES – All ages over 18!
Seeking couples to work on a variety of days. Selected couples will be holding hands walking down streets, buying movies together in a video store.
Work dates are scattered throughout September & December.

Males & Females, ages late 20’s to 30’s
Young, Successful, Wealthy-Looking. Seeking mainly Caucasians and Italians to portray friends of a supporting character! This works Wednesday, September 24th. ( Great scene to be chosen for!)

Seeking blend of ethnicity to portray New York!
Actively looking for Hispanics, Italians, Middle-Easterners, Jews, Asians, and White-Mix. Work dates are scattered throughout September & December

Seeking Experienced Cab or Limo Drivers to portray NYC Cab Drivers.
Work dates are scattered through Sept & December!
Known work dates are 09/23, 09/28.

Looking for an experienced delivery guy that has knowledge of moving products. Works 09/23

Must be Late 70’s to 1994 Models
Non-red, non-white, non-black
LOOKING FOR ALL TYPES OF VEHICLES not just sports cars & hot rods!

DELIVERY VAN (1980’s to 1994 Models)
If you know anyone with a plain delivery van from this time period, please forward this email to him or her!

for Upscale Rehearsal Dinner
Casting for bartenders & servers with basic experience in upscale settings. Must submit experience when submitting. Work Date is 09/24.

To apply for any of the roles listed above, simply submit three pictures of yourself, as well as your height, weight, age, and phone number to
Please choose a subject based on what you are submitting for!
Example: Halloween Costume

The series is also looking for a couple that can play Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love:

Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain – Halloween Costumes! 2 Day Booking.

Looking for a couple to dress up in Halloween Costumes as Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain, Circa 1993. This works October 6th and October 7th! Both of you must be available both days & this requires a fitting. It is okay if you use a wig as this is a halloween costume & doesn’t have to be completely realistic. **Please submit pictures in your costumes if you have them!** (Will also be willing to piece together a couple if we have great submissions for Courtney or Kurt). To apply, please email 3 pictures dressed in character, your height, weight, age, and phone number to
Please use the Subject Line: Courtney & Kurt

Kurt and Courtney Halloween scene in NYC
(If you are submitting as 1/2 couple – “Just Courtney”, or “Just Kurt”)

We welcome any information that will help us cast you!
Examples: Cab Driver for 15 years, Beer Delivery Guy for 3 years, Upscale Server for 2.5 years

***If you are submitting an automobile, you do not have to submit photos of yourself if you do not want to, but you must submit photos of your vehicle, as well as the make, model, year & color of the vehicle!**

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