Open Call for “Pawn Stars” Game Show in Vegas

The cast of the History Channels Pawn Stars will be getting a trivia game show and you have a chance at competing against them to maybe win some cash.

The show’s working title is “Pawn Stars History Trivia Game Show“, that title may change. Contestants who are cast for the show will have a chance to go head to head against Chumlee and the rest of the cast to test your history and trivia knowledge. Think you know more about history and trivia then they do? Come on down to the open call to prove it.

Those that do not live in the Las Vegas area, still have an opportunity to apply because the show is taking email submissions as well.

The open casting call is this coming Saturday, you can try out for a chance to test your history trivia skills. If cast, you may go up against the Pawn Stars to win some cash and prizes. Supposedly, the prizes you would be playing for are actual items from the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

The Gold and Silver pawn shop is the Las Vegas, 24 hour pawn shop that the History Channel Pawn Stars show is set in. The pawn shop was co-founded by Rick and his father and has been open since the year 1989. Due to the show’s popularity, thousands of Vegas visitors come to the shop each day to sight see, pawn some collectibles and they even have a tour. The Pawn Stars are the Harrison family,  Rick and his father, Richard “Old Man” Harrison,as well as Rick’s son, Corey and his good friend, Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

Pawn Stars game show casting flyer

Pawn Stars new Trivia show open Call Las Vegas:

Saturday, May 3, in Las Vegas, Nevada, in Ballroom E, Circus Circus

12:00 -4:00 p.m.

If you can’t make it, you can also apply by email. See the below casting flyer for the email address. If selected to participate in the show, you must be available to come to Las Vegas for a day for filming.

The brand New History Channel spin off show is now casting contestants to compete against the world famous Harrison Family from the show ‘Pawn Stars”. 

6 thoughts on “Open Call for “Pawn Stars” Game Show in Vegas”

  1. I have a silver anniversary Carnegie Hall Ticket. It is 100% silver or their show in 1981. I believe it would make a good show and it is somewhat rare.

  2. Taylor crespo

    I’m a total history buff and have watched pawn stars from the beginning and now pawnography. I would love to test my historical knowledge against rick and the others … Ps: rick i’ll take your guitar signed by Hendrix.

  3. Michelle Seely

    Love the show Pawnstars and now Pawnography!!! I would be a awesome contestant and would keep Rick Corey and Chumlee laughing and on their toes!!!

  4. Christian Hugh

    Hello, I would love to be on The Pawn Stars Game Show Pawnography. I am very well versed in Music, Movie Trivia Science and Astronomy. I would be able to travel to Las Vegas to audition for the show. Please call me.

  5. Joseph Lennon McCord

    I have a Picasso Watercolor, that Jimi Hendrix gave to me. I am interested in not only selling it to the Pawn shop, but doing an episode of the show, while selling it. It’s a great story that goes along with the painting. The painting depicts 5 Gypsies playing music. Jimi told me the story that inspired Picasso to paint it. I am also a SAG actor. Look up on youtube. ” storytime with Joe McCord”. My phone number is
    818-300-4421. In earnest, Joseph Lennon McCord

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