Rue 21 Online Open Casting Call

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model call for the clothing line Rue 21!

Get featured in a Rue 21 ad.

Do you want to be featured on a Rue 21 campaign? Here is a chance because the company is holding an online selfie model call. They  are looking for people to snap a selfie and upload it with their hashtags to their promo for the opportunity to maybe get your 15 minutes of fame. The winning selfies will be featured in an upcoming campaign for Rue 21.

You can apply here

Rue 21 is a fashion line for young men and women headquartered in Pennsylvania.

The notice they posted states:

We want you…

actually we want  a selfie

You can post the selfie through instagram or use the supplied link (see above) to submit through their site.




Rue 21 model call

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  1. Bailey Haber

    I used to work at rue21 and RUE21 is my FAVORITE store of all times. Y’all clothes are right up my style ally. And I’ve been wondering about signing up for modeling. I would love to be a model for you guys!

  2. Adrianna Backensto

    Interested in modeling for RUE 21. I shop there a lot and I just finished modeling classes with John Casablanca agency in Columbus Ohio. I tried to post selfie but couldn’t.

  3. Laviyha Macon

    Hi I’m interested in getting my daughter signed up to be a model

  4. Sheldon Tremaine Hargrove Sr.

    I always wanted to be a model and sky is the limit for me. It’s time I live out my dreams.

  5. Juana Gonzalez

    Ever since I was little I have always wanted to model. I come from a extremely small town in southern Illinois. I’m 19 years old and I’m going to school for business but I absolute love to model. I’ve modeled for many different people and stores. I have modeled for prom stores, photographers, and clothing stores at the mall. I would love to take my modeling career further and really become a serious model with a great company. I would be honored to model for you guys, Thank you.

  6. Chloe Henry

    I am 13 and I love rue21 and shop there all the time. I would like to get in the modeling industry because I really enjoy to get pictures taken and of course wearing my favorite clothes at the same time.

  7. zach

    this job would be good for me.

  8. Kimberly maravilla

    I would like to do a modeling photo shoot for your store. It would be a pleasure to be a model for Rue 21.

  9. Kennedy Chatmon

    Hello I would love to post a selfie and pic of myself to be considered to be a candidate for a modeling career.

  10. Mariah Galstad

    I am very interested in becoming a model. I do not have much experience with modeling other than being my friend’s sister’s model for her stuff in college. I would like to become a part of it and experience it. Going out and achieving your goal in life or finding new ways to live it to the fullest are worth it. I am a hard worker and love learning new things. You will not regret choosing me. I guarantee.

  11. I would love to become a model for Rue 21, even for just a second! I’ll tag you in my selfie soon as possible.

  12. Aaliyah Roberts

    How old do you have to be, to be a model for Rue 21?

  13. Tony Williams

    I have the look, the face, the style, but most importantly, the drive to be a Rue21 model. My entire wardrobe consist of Rue21 products!

  14. Amaria Rogers

    I would love to have the opportunity to model for Rue 21. I shop there all the time.

  15. Allison Dobkins

    I started Modeling At age 9. I completed Modeling and Acting Program at John Casablancas Career Centers of Ct. I absolutely love modeling, acting and Singing. I’m very talented at what I do, and take it seriously. It would be a honor to be the model to represent rue 21. I love your clothing line. I am always shopping at your store. Hope to hear from you Thanks Allison

  16. aimee Dumua

    I am highly interested in becoming a model or an actress. Although I may not have any experience with the modeling or acting industry, I would like to get my foot in the door and experience what it is like to become one. I believe that anyone can do anything they want in this world and this is something that Ive always aspired to do. Although my career at the moment and my major does qualify for this opportunity, I guarantee you wont regret choosing me.

  17. amber navarre

    I love Rue21. I go shopping there once a week.

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