SAG – Auditions for Season 3: Proper Manors in Brooklyn NY

AUDITIONS TOMORROW Broadview University 12:30pm-5pm


Season 3: Proper Manors
SAG New Media Contract
Audition Date: August 7, 2014
Audition Location: Broadview University 240 E. Morris Ave. Salt Lake City, Utah
Time: 12:30pm – 5pm (appointment take priority, walk-ins welcome)

Proper Manors is brought to you by Co-Creators Pietro D’Alessio and Jef Phillips. Proper Manors is an online web series about a small town in Proper USA. The town of Proper is just like any other small town, where there are often secrets, lies, twisted truths, and unbelievable hidden agendas to keep the town’s reputation at it’s best. Proper Manors uncovers the lies and deception, focusing on the main Sorrento Family. Hunter Gomez as Joey Sorrento, Anne Sward as Blanche Crawford Sorrento, Walter Platz as Alessandro Sorrento and many more.

Auditions for SAG series "Proper Manor" in NYC

Pay Rate: $100/day deferred
Filming Location: Ogden/ SLC, Utah
Audition appointments will take priority. For a time slot please email headshot and resume to

To submit talent please send headshot/ resume to with “Casting – (Insert Character Name)” in the subject line (example: Casting – Blaine Holloway). You will be emailed back with a time slot. Thank you!

Seeking Roles:

BLAINE HOLLOWAY – Male, 23, aspiring country music artist, genetically inclined to have substance abuse problems, many women seduce him against his better judgment. Great at talking his way back into relationships after making mistakes, he is mother’s golden boy and does no wrong.

JESSE CRAWFORD (48-53), Caucasian, Male, Southern Baptist, Banker, Perfect “fake/friendly” persona, Deacon of the church, Quietly manipulates others for more financial gain “in their best interests.” Appears to be perfect to everyone yet can be mean, arrogant and abusive when alone with others. Likes to manipulate senior citizens out of their estates and take advantage of their families “as a good Christian.” Has many secrets from the past but lives as if he is an asset to any community or organization. Slightly feminine, suits/ties, about 10 years behind the current styles. Cultured in a regional perspective but in an international conversation it would be evident how very ignorant he is of world cultures and current affairs, mainly because of his self-absorbed persona focused on getting more money and control to overcompensate for his own mistakes and failures. Marginally attractive but no self-confidence about his looks whatsoever.

LUCA , Male, 20’s to early 30’s, Accented or International Okay (Spanish, South American, Scottish/British, Russian), Blue or Green Eyes, Dark Hair – effortlessly sexy, approachable, cultured and well traveled, expensive tastes, mysterious.

CLARK HARRIS (22-23) Male, Caucasian, fair to medium skinned, average to good looking, average to athletic build, devout Southern Baptist, shy around women, hungry for love, oldest child in well respected family. Bit of a loner. Loves literature, music and current event
For audition slot please send headshot/ resume to with “Casting – (Insert Character Name)” in the subject line (example: Casting – Blaine Holloway). Thank you!

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