San Francisco Auditions for ISFAHAN BLUES

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Golden Thread Productions is holding auditions for ISFAHAN BLUES, world premiere by Torange Yeghiazarian in collaboration with Vida Ghahremani, L. Peter Callender, Nakissa Etemad, Laura Hope and Marcus Shelby.

The show is co-produced with the African American Shakespeare Company. Slated for April 29-May 24, 2015 in San Francisco. The production is seeking both Equity & non-Equity performers.

Open Equity roles:

YOUNG BELLA – 30, Iranian film star & night club owner living in 1963 Tehran. Free spirit, complex, sultry. She is in a complicated marriage with children, and is caught between her stardom and cultural expectations as a wife and mother. Her look is 1960’s voluptuous and stunningly beautiful. She is called the Iranian Elizabeth Taylor.
FARID – 30, Iranian night club headliner who lives in 1963 Tehran, plays the piano, and sings. Political activist, but also strives to portray an image of being a hip, western-style jazz guy. His look is mixed-race Persian/African with dark skin and thick wavy hair.

Open Non-Equity roles:
3 male ensemble 20-50’s, versatile, with singing and musical abilities preferred.

SARHANG – late 40s-50s, chief of security of SAVAK (Iran’s CIA)/ established/ elegant/ evil/ respectful/ stance & presence of a military general
CAFÉ OWNER – Iranian owner of the Kaleh-Pazi in the village of Saveh, a café specializing in the Iranian dish called kaleh-pacheh. Surprisingly refined/ humble/ kind/ dedicated to his work/ family-oriented
MAN 1 – Iranian man of village of Murcheh-Khort/ menacing/ entitled/ aggressive/ lude/ feisty

LOAN SHARK – 40s or older/ bitter/ resentful/ righteous
RAJ – Iranian doorman of Club Cuccini/ tall and hefty/ faithful/ hard-working
MAN 2 – Iranian man of village of Murcheh-Khort/ menacing/ entitled/ aggressive/ lude/ feisty
GENDARME – military police captain of the Gendarmerie Murcheh-Khort/ like a young version of Sarhang, who wants to be Sarhang someday/ empty person-thinks he’s better & smarter than he is

MIRZA – head waiter of Club Cuccini/ good physicality/ graceful/ like a dancer with his movements/ pride in his job/ loyal/ caring
POLICEMAN – Iranian policeman in Tehran/ mousy/ apologetic
OFFICER – an Iranian officer ranking under the Gendarme at Gendarmerie Murcheh-Khort/ sincere/ committed to the law, wants to do a good job/ simple/ can be sweet/ stupid-to think he’s caught Young Bella’s attackers
U.S. SECURITY OFFICER – a staff member of the U.S. State Dept. Tour, assigned to the protection and disciplining of touring American musicians while on foreign soil/ follows the rules/ very little sense of humor

Equity and non-equity actors are encouraged to audition. Please email your headshot and resume to casting director, Nakissa Etemad to reserve a spot.
Production Dates: rehearsals to begin March 23, run April 29-May 24, 2015.
Production Venue: Buriel Clay Theatre, 760 Fulton St. San FranciscoLOCAL HIRE ONLY.

Please see the Golden Threads website for more information on the upcoming auditions and production.

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