Upscale and Trendy Extras Wanted on “Person of Interest” in NY

By | July 31, 2014

Now casting background in NYC

Person of Interest” is now in production in the New York area. GWC in NYC is seeking background actors that have a upscale, trendy look.

The age range they are casting for is 22 to 52 years old and this will work this coming Monday.

CBS “Person of Interest” is based on a screenplay by Jonathan Nolan.  The show stars Jim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapman. The series is about billionaire Harold Finch who created a machine that can detect crimes before they happen. The machine invades the privacy of pretty much everyone by spying through every camera and cell phone on the planet. While the machine was supposed to look for terrorist activity, it also sees violent crimes between ordinary people. When the government decided to only focus on the terrorists and ignore the crimes against what they considered ordinary people, Finch decides to act and recruits an ex-CIA agent to help stop these crimes before they happen.

The show is now filming it’s new season. Season 4 of “Person of Interest” was renewed on CBS this past spring and will premiere this fall in the month of September.

extras casting call for Person of Interest

Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking NONUNION Male/Female Trendy/Artsy Upscale Hotel Bar Patrons for work on Person of Interest. Works Monday 8/4. Ages 22-52. (Must have full-day availability.)

Please Note Wardrobe: Trendy/hip artist crowd. NO CLUB WEAR. NO Glitter. Colors: Navy, gray, olive, maroon, pale blue, pale pink, black, khaki.
Men: Jeans and blazer with dress shirts. Loafers, no socks. Sports jacket, slacks with dark shirts, suits, chinos.
Ladies: Solid color day dresses, fashion slacks or fashion jeans with tops, sandals, heels.

If interested, please email and include in the subject line: “Name, Facebook, Nonunion, Trendy Bar Patron.” Please include in the body of the email: Your phone number & a few recent photos of yourself.

So if you look like this and live in NYC, GWC may want to hear from you for possible casting in Person of Interest.

casting call for trandy and upscale paid extras on POI

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