AMC “Hell on Wheels” Open casting call in Calgary

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada casting paid extras for TV series

The AMC western “Hell on Wheels” is filming the fifth season in Calgary, Alberta Canada. The show is in need of Asian background actors for upcoming scenes and will be holding an open casting call for talent this weekend.

AMC is filming the fifth season of the award winning Hell on Wheels  television series….

The award winning series is set right after the Civil War and focuses on  former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon.  During this time, Union Pacific was building the first Transcontinental Railroad and the story follows the construction of the railroad as they are headed west.  Bohannon’s westward travels take him to a lawless melting pot of a town called “Hell on Wheels,”  which moves with the construction of the railroad. The Civil War is in the past, but Cullen Bohannon is still scarred from the war and the death of his wife at the hands of Union soldiers.  Bohannon can’t seem to put it behind him. Bohannon is set on a course of revenge. The railroad drama is set in the old west and tells the story of railroad construction and the people both controlling and working on it.

According to THR, this will be the shows final season. AMC is filming 14 final episodes and the season will be split into 2 summer time runs. The first 7 episodes will premiere this summer and the last 7 will air in the summer of 2016. The THR piece quoted AMC president Charlie Collier saying “With season five of Hell on Wheels,  we are proud to bring our transcontinental journey to conclusion for the large, loyal audience that has traveled with Cullen Bohannon and his crew for so many years,” and  “We look forward to appropriately honoring Hell on Wheels in this final season. Enormous thanks to the terrific writers, cast and crew for all they have achieved and for all that lies ahead in the Wild West.

Extras for AMC Hell on Wheels

Calgary Casting Director Marcy Hershon will be hosting the call. Talent does not need to bring photos with them a

s they will be taken on site.

March 23

Marlborough Mall – American Eagle Store

Marlborough Mall, 433 Marlborough Way N.E.
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The show is especially interested in Asian men from 18 to 70 years of age.

The new season of “Hell On Wheels”  will premiere this coming summer on AMC. “Hell On Wheels”  stars Colm Meaney, Phil Burke, Robin McLeavy, Dohn Norwood, Christopher Heyerdahl, MacKenzie Porter, Jake Weber, Jennifer Ferrin, Chelah Horsdal, Kasha Kropinski, Tayden Marks and Common.

Hell on Wheels” will return to AMC on Saturday nights.

Here is last seasons trailer

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    I am a male musician who plays banjo/bass/guitar. This might be a heck of a lot of fun.

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    Hello can you please send me a Casting audition for film.

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    I’m in the middle of the ocean swimming trying to get to the shore and I realize I’ve came to far to go back, so I keep swimming until I reach shore. That’s how I’m feeling right about now. Simply, because what my heart is telling me, ” I was born to be a movie star.”

  4. Shari McKay Actress/Model and Entertainer

    You may find Shari McKay.. She has a great spread of photos and Bio is current. She is currently cast as Dr. Amarosa in Angel Redenccion’. Casting with Antonio Banderas, Danny Trejo, David Novi, Sophia Vergas and is scheduled 2014 (Summer). She is also cast in two other films..Longest Home Run and Be Careful What You Wish For.. Written by Samantha Grant. She has been contacted for Mena and Silas and has the scripts.
    Thank you for looking at her and she is very good with stress on the sets and she is a great gifted actress. I have done two films with her. She pulls the load..and brings the bests out of characters before her. She “Keeps It REEL”.

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