Auditions / Casting for Dogs in Pittsburgh for ABC Pilot “Downward Dog”

ABC’s new comedy series “Downward Dog” has a casting call out for…. dogs.

Got a talented and trained pooch? If you do here is a chance to get you and your dog cast in a small role in an upcoming ABC TV show. The new show is now filming the pilot episode in the Pittsburgh PA area and is seeking local dog owners who have had their pups trained at a dog training facility or trainer. The scene they are casting for actually involves a dog training class and dogs will be around other animals so they must be very well behaved and must play well with others (dogs and people). The scene will be filming mid month in December and those cast will be paid $150 for the day. Casting directors are only considering local talent as no travel expenses will be paid. All human talent must be over the age of 18 and dogs must have certificates from the trainer or dog training facility showing that they had taken and finished the class.

ABC recently green-lit “Downward Dog” for a pilot episode. The show will be a half hour comedy about a woman and her dog. The show is being produced by Legendary TV 9 (“Colony”, “Poor Richard’s Almanack”) and ABC. The idea for the show began as a web series created by Samm Hodges and Michael Killen which are executive producing the new ABC show.

ABC new show now casting

Interested? Here is the casting notice:

Mosser Casting is looking for people with dogs that have been trained in Agility classes at a dog training facility. This is for the ABC Pilot, “Downward Dog” filming in Pittsburgh.
This scene involves a dog training class so we will need owners and their pets to be in it. Dogs should be very well-behaved and play well with others! It will film on Tuesday, December 15th in the Pittsburgh area and will pay $150.

The call time may be very early so you must be available all day.

People should be ages 18+ and have documented proof that their dog has received agility training through a certified facility or dog trainer.

If interested and available that date, please send a picture of you and your dog to Please provide your name, age, location and phone number as well as your dog’s name, age, breed and details on their training. You should put “DOG ACADEMY” in the subject line when submitting.

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