Casting Kids for TV Pilot “Runner” in Chicago

By | March 2, 2015

Pilot season is definitely upon us, so here is one more extras casting call for the TV Pilot “Runner

4 Star Casting is seeking to cast elementary school kids who range from 2nd graders to 6th graders for the new show. The scene that the kids are needed for will be filming on the 16th of this month in the Chicago area and all roles are paid. Kids cast for the show can expect to make $150 for the one day shoot. Any kids interested in appearing as show extras will be needing a work permit and you can see the below casting call for information on how to obtain one.

According to a report for the entertainment news site, Deadline, Runner, is being produced for 20th Century Television to possibly be picked up by ABC. The show will dive into the world of  illegal arms dealing through the eyes of woman. The show is written by Michael Cooney (Identity) and is based on the Turkish show called “Son”. The lead character in “Runner” is Lauren Marks. Lauren’s life gets which was seemingly perfect gets torn apart by a simple twist of fate. That twist takes Lauren on a path that leads her into the underground world of cartels and the ileagal gun trade. A path she must follow if she ever wants to uncover the truth.

ABC casting new show

Interested? here is the casting call from 4 Star Casting… This does film in Chicago so please only apply if you are local to the area and kids must have a Chicago work permit in order to be considered to be extras in the scene.

RATE: $150/8

ROLES: School Kids
School Kids from 2nd to 6th Grade, Both Genders, Any Ethnicity

If you are interested in being submitted, please send an email to
Put the following info in the email:
1) Subject Line: SCHOOL KIDS
2) Body of the email: Name, height, weight, age AND year in school, phone number, email address and parent/guardian name
3) Send photos in jpeg format and make sure to put your name in the submission.
4) Please list the name of the employer on the work permit in your submission. The work permit may be from our company 4 Star Casting or a talent agency (such as Paonessa, Lily’s, BMG, etc) if your child has representation.
5) Confirm that your child is available to work on the potential shoot date.

See instructions on obtaining a work permit below – do not submit if your child does not have a current, valid, Illinois work permit. Production would like to have options by March 9th.
You want your child to be a STAR! First question we are going to ask – Does she/he have a work permit?
If you have a child (15 or younger) and would like him/her to be considered for extra work, your child MUST HAVE a valid, Illinois Dept. of Labor Employment Certificate, also known as a “work permit.” Your child CAN NOT work in the state of Illinois without the work permit.

All minors (see above), who want to work on an Illinois production, residents and non-residents, must obtain a valid Illinois Dept. of Labor Employment Certificate to work in Illinois.
There is no charge to obtain a work permit.

Go to—Illinois.… to obtain the necessary paperwork, including our letter of intent.
Check with your child’s school or the local high school in your area to see if they issue work permits. If they don’t, check your local high school. If still no luck, you can try the following Chicago facilities:
Illinois State Board of Education
100 West Randolph, 14th Floor
Department of Truancy Prevention
125 South Clark Street, Suite 1016
Chicago, IL 60603
6323 North Avondale, 773-534-1100
2021 North Burling, 773-534-8230
231 North Pine, 773-534-6284
10 West 35th Street, 773-534-9082

Note: You must call the Chicago locations in advance to check hours of operation and/or make an appointment.

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