Columbus Ohio Theater Auditions “Magick & Poison”

By | June 4, 2015

CASTING CALL: Video Audition Submission Request For Magick & Poison

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Type: Theater

T.S. Klugh Studio Productions is Casting for the Upcoming Event “Magick & Poison: The Musical”  to be held at the Northland Performing Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio from July 31st – August 1st. We are currently accepting video submissions from those interested in being a part of this next production. Below you will find the available roles as well as a short description of the character.

Those interested please submit an audition video before June 7th, 2015 for immediate consideration. More information on the following roles, as well as the musical itself, can be located at

ROLES AVAILABLE: (Will Be Edited as Members are Cast)

Columbus Ohio Theater


Prince Charming: Heir to the throne, Prince Charming is the bravest and most famous in the kingdom of Harmonia. Like his father King Thrushbeard, he has fought many battles to protect the kingdom. Unlike Thrushbeard though, Prince Charming is doing this work for his own glory. The townspeople of the kingdom encourage his self-absorbtion by treating him like a celebrity.

Gregory (The Jester): Gregory was an orphan who was taken in by King Thrushbeard who made him a jester, and declared him a playmate for Prince Charming. The two young men were raised as brothers by the King and Queen, and have become best friends throughout their lives.

Briar Rose: (CAST)

Sture: The weakest and most fair (by far) of the witches. She is an apprentice to Tomislav and Rostislav and does her best to please them because they look after her. Sture is surprisingly innocent in her behavior than that of Tomislav and Rostislav, and this tends to get Sture scolded and into trouble.


Pied Piper: The narrator and tour guide of the show. The Pied Piper is a traveling minstrel who has seen much of the world. He has regaled listeners with his mystical stories and has captivated emperors and serfs alike. (Male or Female Role)

Tomislav: (CAST)

Rostislav: Rostislav is the second strongest witch in the land. Unlike her sister Tomislav, she is able to give an appearance of gentleness that she uses to manipulate others. Her magic tool is a besom (witch’s broom).

King Thrushbeard: A good king of humble origins who has dedicated his life to doing what is truly right. As Thrushbeard is getting old after living over a century, he is about to pass his throne to his son, Prince Charming.

Queen Beryl: Queen of Harmonia. The queen and the king have remained in love and are both raising their son, Charming.

Nudd: (CAST)

Gwynn Ap Nudd: (CAST)

Hark, the Herald: His Majesty’s royal herald, Hark make all formal introductions for the kingdom and manages public events. Hark is a stickler for details, accuracy and things being done in proper order.

Townspeople/Chorus Members: Spots Still Available.

Your Name
Role You Will Be Auditioning For
Vocal Audition (16 or 32 Bars Only Please)
(Instrumental tracks or accompaniment are permitted as long as your voice is still prominent.)
Brief Monologue (No Longer Than Three Minutes)
NOTE: If you are not auditioning for a singing role you do not have to complete the singing portion of the video.

Once completed, please email your video to along with a theatrical resume for consideration. Those being considered further will be contacted directly by email.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Columbus, Ohio
Please submit to:

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