Fort Worth / Dallas Auditions for Interactive Theater Show

“Cowtown Capers” Acting jobs in Dallas / Fort Worth area for ongoing Interactive western themed show.

Location: Fort Worth, Dallas

Type: Theater

Cowtown Capers, an ongoing interactive theater production has announced auditions for paid roles in the show.
Hawthorne Avenue Productions in Fort Worth Texas is currently accepting headshots and resumes. Auditions will be by appointment only to be held at the end of March.

The show is casting a variety of paid roles, see the breakdowns below. Actors will be compensated $100.

Cowtown Capers will be an ongoing production to entertain Fort Worth visitors. The first series of Capers will be set in The Stockyards and have an Old West theme. Guests will know only their show time and meeting place. ‘The mayor’ will greet them, explain a threat to the community from Bad Bart and deputize them as members of a posse charged to ‘clean up the town’.

Guests will follow clues to various locations (mostly indoors) where actors will be placed. The story line and characters are tongue-in-cheek takes on stereotypical western movie themes and roles (think ‘Blazing Saddles’). We need actors with strong improvisational and people skills, as well as a sense of fun and humor. Our goal is for everyone involved with the production to be having a good time.
We will provide sides for the auditions and ask for a run-through of the lines. For the actual tours, however, you will need to hit certain plot points to move the story/tour along, but will have the freedom to develop your character.

Auditions for ongoing acting job in Fort Worth Texas

Available Roles:

(Mayor, Justice of the Peace, and Judge of Cowtown Stockyards) A fast-talking, con man of a politician. Pretty shifty, but still likeable. (We’re envisioning a western version of Music Man’s Prof. Harold Hill)

Your standard Madam-with-a-heart-of-gold. A hard-as-nails woman of the wild west who runs a very popular “boarding house” (that doubles as a brothel). No one crosses Miss Molly and lives to tell about it.
She likes to say she’s outlasted 5 sheriffs and 3 mayors. People look to her when they need to get something done around town.

Miss Kitty is a saloon girl who knows how to make the most of her looks and brains. She’s attractive, shrewd, and very flirtatious. She has a weakness for gambling and handsome men.

Louie is the blind town character with crazy stories and the uncanny ability to pick the pockets of anyone within arm’s reach. A cool customer who “sees” what others miss. Wears boots, faded out jeans, rodeo style belt, and a worn out cowboy hat. He carries a walking stick and wears dark, round-lensed glasses.

Prototypical white-hat wearing good guy (a la John Wayne). A straight arrow cowboy who wants to bring law and order to a rough town. Wears jeans, silver belt buckle, tan leather vest, a big white cowboy hat, and a sling around his left shoulder.

Notorious outlaw. Mean, nasty, bad guy with a ‘shoot a man for snorin” reputation. In spite of his tough-guy persona, he’s easily spooked. Years of being on the run have made him jump at the slightest noise or movement. Dresses in dusty black jeans, black vest & hat with

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Fort Worth, Dallas
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