Houston Texas Acting Auditions for Feature Film & Trailer – Lead / Supporting Roles


Introverted Mind Casting Call – Teaser Trailer (Same cast will be used for feature film – Feature will be paid)

Location: Houston, Texas

Type: Film

Troy is a high school graduate that never got to experience all the glamour and fun. He blames his lack of social interaction in his introversion. He starts to hang out with his cousin, Vinny, who is a major party animal. As Troy falls deeper into the party life, he loses sight of his hopes, dreams, and goals. While taking on new addictions and surpassing all moral restrictions, he gains dependencies that lose him the friends he tried so hard to keep.

Character Breakdown:

Troy – Lead male, 18-25 years old, Caucasian, slender to average body type, light brown hair, tall. Troy is an introvert and has the look of innocence that will be tarnished through the story. THIS ROLE MAY REQUIRE PARTIAL NUDITY.

Vinny – Supporting male, 20-25 years old, Caucasian with good tan, average body, darker hair, obnoxious and charismatic. Vinny is Troy’s older cousin who serves as a bad influence. He has a bad drinking problem that he struggles with throughout the film.

Kara – Supporting female, 19-25 years old, Caucasian, darker hair, small body and frame, charismatic and silly. Kara is Vinny’s girlfriend who puts up with Vinny’s obnoxious behavior and tries her best to support her friends going through trouble.

Clarissa – Supporting female, 18-25 years old, Caucasian, light hair, small body and frame, charismatic and silly. Clarissa is the object of Troy’s lust. THIS ROLE MAY REQUIRE PARTIAL NUDITY.

Jeremy – Supporting male, 18-25 years old, Caucasian, dark hair, average body, condescending and sympathetic. Jeremy is Troy’s high school friend whom has long since given up on their friendship due to Troy’s problems. THIS ROLE MAY REQUIRE PARTIAL NUDITY.

Veronica – Supporting female, 18-25 years old, pale skin, dark hair, small body and frame, upset yet brutally honest. Veronica is Troy’s ex-girlfriend from high school who appears as a phantom of Troy’s memory to try and lure him out of his “dark place”.

Joseph – Featured male extra, mid 20’s, open ethnicity, average to muscular body type. Joseph appears twice as Vinny’s best friend.

Director: Cody William Watson
Producer: Veronica Starr
Production Company: Starr Management

Production Location: Houston Metro Area (Clear Lake, League City, Galveston)
Production Schedule: We plan on filming around late July, dependent on actors schedules.

Pay/Compensation: NonPaid for Teaser Trailer, Film Credit, DVD/Digital Copy for reel. (Pay for feature film will depend on role and experience)

Production Notes:
The teaser trailer will be nonpaid, and used for pitching to investors and marketing. Once the financial goals have been met, the same cast and crew will be used to film the feature for Introverted Mind. This production will be paid. Pay varies on role and experience.
To submit, please use the subject line “Cast – NAME, ROLE”. Replace NAME with your actual First and Last Name. Replace ROLE with the role which you are submitting. INCLUDE ONE HEADSHOT AND ONE BODY SHOT, WITH RESUME in your email. Attach any links to demo reel, if you have one. Also include your contact information, Height, and Weight.
We will be taking video auditions for the initial round of auditions, then holding call backs in person to choose cast.

Payment: Non Paid

City or Location of call: Houston, Texas
Please submit to: watsonvisions@gmail.com

This casting notice was posted by: Veronica Starr, Starr Management – Producer

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