Open Casting Call for Netflix Show “The Get Down” Coming To NYC


Netflix show “The Get Down” will be holding an open casting call for men, women and kids next week in the New York City area.

If you live in the New York City area and would love a chance to work as a paid extra in a TV show here’s an opportunity. GWC of NYC announced that they will be looking for African American and Latino talent to play 70s roles. They are seeking talent that can portray a great 70s look… afros are a plus. The show is looking for natural looks that fit into the 70s time period so no shaved heads, buzz cuts, extensions, etc.  The open call is for paid background roles in the show and will be held on the 8th.

Those attending do not need to bring photos with them as casting directors will be on hand and taking their own pictures of talent. Please see the casting flyer attached for more information about the open casting call and the address.

Netflix new show "The Get Down"

The new Netflix series is filming 13 episodes for the 1st season.  Baz Luhrman is heading the project and GrandMaster Flash is serving as associate producer and adviser.  “The Get Down“ will be set in 1970s NYC and focuses on the early days of hip hop which GrandMaster Flash helped shape.  The Sony Pictures drama will showcase the city’s emerging music scene.

The 70s saw an explosion in music genres and gave birth to punk rock and hip hop. It was also a time when New York City was cash strapped and plagued with street violence and urban decay.   “The Get Down”  is about a group of teens living in NYC during that time in one of the most crime ridden neighborhoods of the time, the South Bronx.

According to Variety, Baz had been working on the project for the last 10 years and his series is finally coming together. “Get Down” will be Baz Luhrmann’s first TV series. Luhrman is best known for his films “Moulin Rouge,” and “The Great Gatsby”.


Netflix The Get Down Open Call

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